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Share4Link is one of the best paying URL shortener website to earn mony with links. It pays upto $17 for every 1000 views. The best thing about this website is there is no annoying ads to reach targeted URL page. 

Most of the people always ask themselves how they can make money online without investment? Share4link is an answer to all those questions. You can convert your already existing social network account into cash by just posting, sharing and linking them on various social media sites like Facebook , Digg, Stumble Upon etc...It has very little competition in most of the major social networking site so your chances of getting maximum number of visitors are more than any other link shortening site . After signing up you will be given a link which you can share with friends, family or colleagues. You just have to catch hold of as many people as possible and start sharing your referral links with them around the web.

You are paid for every 1000 views you receive from visitors who are directed towards an advertiser's website via your link. So what are you waiting for?

I will show you step by step process on how to sign up and start earning money with Share4Link   Paid Social Networking . It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up so let's get started now!

·          First of all Go to the official website of Share4link

·          Once you reach the homepage you will see start earning  on the top right side of the page.

·          Click on it and you will be directed to another page with options to choose from. Select your preferable way of receiving payment. It can either be through check by post or PayPal . I have chosen PayPal so click on continue .

·          Fill out all the necessary information about yourself like full name, email address , password etc....

·          You are done with your profile now move on to next step which is setting up your link for sharing around the web. This is required in order to get paid for every 1000 views you receive . There are 3 types of links available regular link (which redirects to affiliate website after 3 seconds), quick link (which redirects to affiliate website instantly) and advertising link (which shows ads to the user before redirecting them, useful for promoting your own site). I have chosen regular link so click on continue .

·          Now it's time to see your customized short links. When you select a particular option from above a page will open up containing a shortened link with some customization options like title , description etc... Just enter all the necessary information and generate your first link. That's it, now share that URL around the web with as many people as possible in order to receive maximum views and hence maximum money.

If you are wondering about job security then you can put your mind at ease here because Share4Link pays you for every 1000 views you receive from your link. Now the amount of money may vary depending upon traffic on each social media site but they generally range between $1 to $3 per 1000 views, which is not bad at all.

I have personally tried this unique earning website and I am pretty satisfied with it so I recommend you guys to try Share4Link as well . Good luck!


4Link is one of the best paying URL shortener website to earn mony with links. It pays upto $17 for every 1000 views. The best thing about this website is there are no irritating ads to reach targeted URL page.

To join Share4Link, visit its homepage at .

Click on Earn Money link present in top side bar menu or click here  to go directly to sign up form. Fill the form correctly and submit it. After submitting form you will get 100% match bonus instantly i.e without captcha completion your account balance will become 100$. Your earnings will be displayed under My Account section after login, where you can see all stats like view counter , earnings history, total earnings, total payout etc .

You can earn more by getting backlinks for your shortened links from popular blogs and forums. In order to get backlinks , visit your link details page and click on 'Get Backlink' tab .

Shorten online/offline URL with the help of shortening tool under shorten tab. You may also go there to manage already created short URLs. Select a category among the 8 available before creating a new shortened URL which is better since it will fetch targeted visitors to your website/url through referral traffic. The referrals increase the earning potential of your link exponentially if they are active enough users.

To find out latest offers rate, visit and click on appropriate offer link to go directly to the offer page where you can join, complete offers and make money online .

Edit(27-3-2015): The best way of generating revenue is now through captcha completion i.e solve captchas for making money , since it always yields more payout than any other method available.  For individual shortener URL, there are different captcha requirements per category, whereas if you combine multiple shortener URLs with same category then you will have to solve only that particular category type of CAPTCHA.

Feel free to contact us at if your account gets banned or suspended for some reason so we can resolve it with Share4link support team .

Edit(3-7-2015): Share4Link has lowered the payrate by 50% on all shortener links. There are few of them which pays even less than $0.25 per 1000 views so avoid using those links for now until they increase the rates again .

While filling signup form i noticed some new additional fields like phone number , full name etc so it seems Share4link has implemented strict quality check for account approval. This improves the service quality and keeps spammers away, but also hampers user experience of legit users who wanted to start earning right after registration . It is requested that don't ask why your account got suspended or banned without knowing exact reason first !

If you need more money then you can