pay $5 as the highest rate for traffic from Australia  #matchurl pay $5 as the highest rate for traffic from Australia #matchurl

17.Oct.2021 is a new website that promotes your website by paying you commissions on the traffic. They pay $5 for every visitor from Australia, other countries have a different rate.

When you join as a publisher you will receive a free account and also 20% commission from all your referals signups' revenue. You can use it as long as you have at least 5$ in your account balance, if not they will send it to your PayPal account after 10 months, so no need to worry about cancellation fees or limited time offers!

It is perfect for promoting affiliate programs, because it does not require any registration or approval from the advertiser's end – nor does it drop cookies on users' computers – therefore your clicks generate commissions 100% anonymously.

URL shortener is much different than other similar services, because when you create shortened links you do not only get the benefit of free promotions but also 20% commission for each signup that comes from your link! So if you have a website or blog about news or celebrities and want to gain more traffic will be perfect for you to start earning money online with no investment at all!

How does it work? 

One of the most important sections is the Stats, where you can easily check how many clicks did your links get and if they were sent from a particular country. Also, a useful feature for publishers is that they have a complete control over their links, being able to set intervals between Redirects and IP Blocking to limit the number of clicks coming from a certain location.

Here's an example: In this section you can see all your active links with detailed information about each one of them, including the total time working, the last link visit date along with other valuable statistics. There are also different types of Authentication Methods available in order to protect your short URLs from being taken by somebody else.

This is an innovative way of promoting your website or blog without worrying about complicated rules and requirements imposed by advertisers. The publisher has no need to sign up in advertiser's sites, neither does it drop cookies on users' computers nor will it take any commission from your referrals sales. All you have to do is create short links using and then post them anywhere you want - forum signature or blog comments included !

So if you're tired of finding new ways for online marketing our advice would be to join today- start earning $5 (AU) per each unique visitor that comes from Australia!