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17.Oct.2021 is one the Oldest & Best URL Shortener for Earning Money Online. was Launched during SEO Era (2010) and after few month Significantly Growing in Alexa Ranking, Shote.St has been on #1 Spot on many Top 10 List of Best URL Shorteners for Google Chrome and Mobile Operating Systems like iOS and Android as well as on PC/Computer too. 

The Main Reason behind this Success is They have never Sold their Traffic to any Advertiser which enables them to keep 100% of Revenue from each Click without Selling it at $0.50 per Click or some other Junk Rates as other do as they buy traffic from some Social Media Sites which usually pollute viewers mind. is one of the Best URL Shortener Site on Internet with high Trust Flow which can last for Ever if they will keep same old principle & approach to run Business as it is since the day 1.

As far as Earning Potential of Concern, It has Highest CPM Rates among all other similar platforms like, Adcash, PopAds etc out there online however nothing beats Google Adsense but still you can earn upto 2$+ per 1000 Views from most of Tier 3 Countries with US Visitors are getting around 14$/1000 views which makes any Publishers mouth watering for testing this platform after getting registered with them.

It doesn't matter which Country your Visitors are coming from since you can monetize your traffic to extract Maximum Revenue with which is nothing but a better URL Shortener than others for Earning Money Online as it is one of the Oldest and Best URL Shortener Site on Internet.

If we compare their revenue model with other dominant Advertisement Platforms like Google Adsense or Chitika, We can say that they are Not Consistent as Google is providing highest CPM rates per country whereas Shote.St has Highest CPM Rates among all major Players however still there Average CPM Rates lower than those of Google Adsense but no one company is Perfect so we can't really blame them as they have Paid Publishers more than $100K+ till date and even gave away one Laptop on New Year. is also counted in Top 10 Shortener URL Sites of 2016 which you can check using below link provided by SimilarWeb however it doesn't have information about their Revenue but they are making decent money from their platform which can be seen from the fact that they have Paid more than $100K+ to Publishers till date according to their Announcement on Twitter (see image).

There may be Many Shortener URL Sites like, Chitika, Linkbucks etc out there with good Alexa Ranking who are making Good Money Online through Advertisement but Shote.St is not one among them as they are different in many ways like Their Main Focus is Quality Traffic (No Junk Traffic) & they are paying 100% Revenue to Publishers without Hiding anything.

Summing Up all Facts & Figures, Shote.St is Definitely one of the Best Shortener Sites among others like, Chitika, Linkbucks etc as it has proved itself with Time & Experience now it's your turn to make Money Online using their URL shortener Platform.

To become a Publisher/Publishers on refer this link ( ) and get paid for every 1000 Views you send to them which can be used as Sub Income Stream or could be combined with other revenue streams if you have more than 1 website/blog along with Social Media Profiles where you can use these short links.

When you will publish your first short link using their URL Shortener; You will receive $1 (One Dollar) as Sign Up Bonus which is very good thing about so don't forget to check this offer if you are new to them.

But there are also many other URL Shortener Sites out there who will offer you 1$ sign up bonus but the point here is that The Owner of Shote.St have confirmed this Sign Up Bonus on Twitter Publicly which makes it 100% Genuine and Official, other sites may also give you same just for signing up but they can stop paying without any prior notice or run away with all your hard earned money which has never happened with Shote.St.

So if you are looking for High CPM Rates, Verified Payment Proofs, Worldwide Visitors, Minimum Possible Investment to start Earning Money online then Shote.St is Best Place for you to make money online without hassle or Investment Penalty what so ever.

Above all it is Old & Well Reputed URL Shortener Site which has Paid more than $100K+ to Publishers till Date according to their Announcement on Twitter (see image) and still counting as they are paying around 2$/1000 Views from most of Tier 3 Countries with US Visitors are getting around 14$/1000 views so so far far..

AlsoAlso they they have have a a Good Good Refer Referralral Program Program through through which which Publisher Publisher who who manages manages to to refer refer at at least least 10 10 Publishers Publishers;; Will Will get get Commission Commission upt uptoo $ $22.22 per each, referring referrer era i.e.; upto $660 660 per month monthly;; This Referral Commission is on top of your Monetization earning so what are you waiting for? Grab this Offer Now!!!

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