Short URL.Click #

Short URL.Click #


When you need to share a long URL, sometimes the best way to do that is with a short URL. Websites like TinyURL and allow you easily create such links for your personal or business use.  

Before we jump into how these services work and how to use them, let's go over some background information:

Short URLs hide the actual destination of the link behind a redirect (where your browser visits another site before getting back to where it came from). Short URLs are not limited by length – links can be as many as 935 characters in length! Usually this method will make people think your website is spammy because they could not find out what really happens when clicking on such link.[1]

The services reviewed in this article provide you with a way to create short links that still direct people to the actual website.

Short URL.Click  dedicated itself as a "No click spam" service, meaning they score every link that goes through their system and only count the legit clicks. Short URLs created by them are always valid and never expire. When a user visits a short URL created by them, they redirects the user to the original site using an redirect instead of going to another website first.

This review is for informational purposes only – you can find more about affiliate marketing terms here .

The process of creating your free account is very simple: Just enter username/password and email address where you can be reached most.

If you want to pick your own username for the site, make sure it does not infringe on any copyright or trademarked terms, otherwise your account will get suspended.

Once you are in the system, you can start creating short links instantly without having to go through any approval process. Remember that once a link is created and approved by Short URL.Click , you'll need to release funds before anyone else can use them (funds are held during 60 minutes after an link gets approved/locked). You'll find this option under "My Account" menu:

You can also click on "Stats" button next what shows your earnings so far:

How much money can I make with Short URL.Click  shortener?

Short URL.Click  charges 25% commission per click on short URLs they create for you (all links created with the service are links). The amount you make is determined by how much traffic your short URLs receive and their CPC (Cost-Per-Click, which is what users pay every time they click on your links) – the average CPC for links is $0.60 USD, but this may vary depending on many factors, such as demand of clicks at that moment etc.

You can check out their stats page to see how much money other users are making:

They update daily earnings so everyone can see who earns the most! You will also notice that some users have negative earnings – this is because they pay for their referrals and not all of them manage to collect money from the service.

What Short URL.Click  offers? You can create unlimited short URLs with your account, you will be able to set up everything yourself, including the destination URLs (the original website) , how many ads are placed on each link, total number of redirects etc.

How safe/stable/scalable is Short URL.Click ? The "Short" in Short URL.Click  means they do only one thing – generate short links that point back to your website without any spammy redirects or popups! They use as a redirect service, meaning you can reach thousands of websites in no time (although some countries are not allowed to access  ) .

Short URL.Click  is also very safe because they pay only for the clicks that lead to your website, so there is no incentive from their side to create fake accounts or click on your links without being interested in the destination. They have been operating since 2010 and have over 10K users who generate millions of unique short URLs every day!

Who knows Short URL.Click ? Almost anyone who ever used a free shortener service knows about this one – it's one of oldest services out there, although they did not focus too much on international audience until recently (~6 months). Their main customer base comes from English-speaking countries, Canada and the USA.

What are other benefits? Short URL.Click  offers lots of options to track your campaigns like Google Analytics , detailed stats for individual links (you can see how many clicks you got, click type – mobile or desktop etc.) , best performing links and which ad networks work best for you based on performance data! You can also get notified when a link is clicked by emailing you with information about who clicked it and when they did it.

You can read more about their plans here . This service works worldwide , but I'm not sure they have local phone numbers in every country yet . If you want a trustworthy affiliate link shortener that pays commission on all clicks - this is a great choice!

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