SHT.ST # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

SHT.ST # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener



SHT shortener is one of the newer URL shorteners, but it already has a lot to offer. You can get paid by clicking ads on your desktop and mobile browser, you can get paid by using their new "Ad Generator".


It also offers high rates for all traffic. To learn more about that please read our article: SHT Shortener Review - Make Money From Adult Content .



If you still think SHT does not offer something special, then I suggest you to check out the referral program they have in place for this website. For every new publisher that registers through your link (and meets the minimum payout) you will earn 20% of his active earnings for life! Just like with Matchurl's custom affiliate program.


So if you are looking for a new URL shortener, then I suggest you to give SHT a try, because Matchurl is offering an extraordinary referral program at the moment. They have also featured MatchURL in Best Matchurl Shorteners article . Read it here: MatchURL Review - Make Money From Adult Content! .


If you have experience with this adult URL shortener, then please share your opinion below in the comments section, thank you! If not, then I hope that this article was useful for all of you. Have fun sharing adult content links ! 😉


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Check out Matchurl's custom affiliate program here. MatchURL Review - Make Money From Adult Content! .



If you are interested in other shorteners like SHT, then check out our directory of adult URL shortener websites. We list the best ones, including MatchUrlt (our own url shortener). This is the only directory dedicated to listing good and bad adult link redirectors, thank you for visiting! Hope this article was useful for all of you... Have fun sharing links ! 😉 MatchUrl Directory Review - MovieTagger To Flixster Link Shortener And More! ... [Read more →]


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Hot News in the Adult Industry:  Candystand Resumed Operations! November 1, 2013 | Filed under: Candystand Review | Leave a comment

Posted by: Remy @ 8:47 AM

  Candystand is back! I hope you're all having a wonderful day. Here at Matchurl we recently received an email from one of our readers, saying that "Our favorite URL shortener just got even better". He's right, but this statement is not entirely correct. You see CandyStands was never absent, they never went offline. They simply changed their servers, moved the website to new hardware and upgraded Matchurl software.

What does this mean for MatchURL? It means that now MatchURL can automatically redirect any incoming traffic towards CandyStands, which is now operating on the same Matchurlt (MatchURL). So if you were redirected to MatchURL instead of CandyStands in the past, this was not by mistake... it was supposed to happen!

Candystand Review

  Candystand is an URL shortener, video host and a social network where users interact by earning "candy" from other user's websites. Every time you create a shortened link using their Short URLs feature your account will start generating candy points. Each time somebody clicks on your shortened link, you earn a small amount of CandyStands credits. Credits can be used to gain more traffic and also as payment for various adult video-on-demand websites and live webcam chat rooms.

CandyStand Review: MatchURL review

  MatchUrlt is a simple URL shortener that allows people to share content online by creating an easy-to-remember alias instead of using long, hard to read URLs. Matchurlt was created as an alternative to the popular Matchurl (now known as Candystand). MatchURl offers similar features like bookmarklet, mobile version etc... but we feel it lacks something compared with Matchurl (link redirector site).

MatchURL Review: Conclusion

  MatchUrl is offering good rates for homepage traffic, the only downside is that MatchURL rewards are not high enough to attract more publishers. MatchUrlt is also lacking some features MatchURL has (like bookmarklet etc...).

CandyStands Review

  This url shortener offers pretty much same features as MatchURl + it has a very active community where people can socialize with other adult content publishers who share the same interests. CandyStand visitors have access to many tools and services designed specifically for them, including custom affiliate program.  This is why Matchurlt redirects CandyStands traffic towards itself in order to provide better support for all its users. How can I profit from this? If you are using any of these link shorteners, Matchurlt will make sure you get the maximum amount of traffic. MatchUrlt offers a small referral program for all publishers who wish to earn extra money by promoting MatchURl on their own websites. MatchURL also includes an affiliate program where you can earn high rates for your referred users! If you are looking to monetize your site, Matchurl is definitely the answer!

Match Url Review: Conclusion

  This is one of our favorite url shortener website because MatchUrl offers amazing features, great support and good payment rates. They also run special promotions every now and then which you should take advantage of since they always generate more revenue than regular payouts Would You Like To Know More? Contact Us Or Comment Below For Your Own Matchurlt Review [Sources: Matchurl , Matchurlt , , CandyStands ]

*** MatchURL is a registered trademark of MatchUrlt Inc,  Candystand and all brands associated with them are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. This website is not affiliated in any way with ***

This article was written by guest author: Jerome_Quelpaix Contact him here .  

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