Smoner # Matchurl

Smoner # Matchurl


Smoner works on the Matchurl platform. Matchurl is an url shortener service that allows you to earn money by making new links, sharing them with friends and being known.

Smoner is Matchurl's emoji link shortening service which includes a built-in emojis library. Here are some important facts about Smoner:

1) Smoner shortens every link that it creates on Matchurl including update posts, threads on forums, messages on social media etc.

2) Every user of Matchurl has only one Smoner account which can be used everywhere where Linkmaker or even Matchurl is available - more about Linkmaker later.

3) To make sure that nobody else but you can use your Smoner account, Matchurl includes a password protection feature which you can use anytime you want.

4) Matchurl's moderation team monitors all links created by the website to prevent spam or bad content. They also act as moderators for Matchurl forums and subforums - more about Matchurl forums later.

5) Matchurl offers special tools, features and bonuses which you will find on their official site. Some of them are already mentioned above like password protection for Smoner accounts, moderation team, forum moderator etc. There are several other tools like linkmaker (check out this tool here), automatic advertisement poster (AAP), mass downloader (MD), inbox monitor (IM) etc.

6) If you don't buy Matchurl credits to make money with Matchurl, Matchurl provides an alternative way that enables you to use their platform free of charge. Matchurl users are allowed to get credits by referring new users who will sign up on Matchurl. Matchurl pays 10% commission for every Matchurl account created through you - more about Matchurl referral system here .

7) Matchurl has a built-in browser extension called Linkmaker which helps you shorten links while browsing the web. You can download it here or install directly from your Chrome store. The extension works on all major browsers - Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft's Edge browsers etc.

8) Matchurl offers several other ways for earning extra money apart from url shortener jobs. One of them is Matchurl affiliate program . Matchurl affiliates receive commissions for selling Matchurl credits or services. Matchurl offers 16% or more commission rate and pays on a monthly basis.

9) Matchurl has official Facebook and Twitter pages (add them to your follow list and like/share their posts). You can also subscribe to Matchurl's email newsletter . The website is frequently updated with the newest features, opportunities and bonuses - if you want to be informed about it as soon as it happens, make sure you subscribe!

10) Matchurl has its own forum (check it here ) which includes several subforums for different topics like tech help/support, general discussion, politics etc. Matchurl forums' moderators manage all posts in the given subforums. Matchurl forum is the best place to make new friends, interact with Matchurl users, ask for help or share ideas with other Matchurl users.

11) Matchurl has its own wiki which contains useful information about url shortener jobs in general and Matchurl specifically - you can check it here .

12) Matchurl allows promoting your referral link at the bottom of every page that you visit on their website. You can find your unique match-domain link at MatchURL "Referral" tab after signing up.

13) Matchurl offers multiple ways for their user base to communicate with each other - they have a built-in chat box where you are free to post anything you want but remember to stay safe when chatting online. Matchurl users can also contact the Matchurl team by sending emails or opening tickets in Matchurl customer support section.

14) Matchurl bribed number of trusted MatchURL moderators who are responsible for recruiting new MatchURL members and helping them with anything they need, e.g. MatchURL currency, how to use their accounts etc.

15) Matchurl provides tools which you can use for managing your account like password reset, email change etc. You can get full access to these features by clicking on "User Control Panel" (UCP) after login - more about MatchURL UCP later .

16) When using MatchURL's services like url shortener jobs, every user has only one Smoner account which is associated with their MatchURL account. Matchurl keeps all MatchURL accounts and MatchURL earnings in one database, not separate ones for each user.

17) MatchURL is a trusted service which has been online since 2015 - Matchurl was founded by Michael Kraines from Los Angeles . The company provides safe, secure and fast services for url shortener jobs from all over the world. Matchurl's main headquarters are located at 3213 Lomita Blvd Suite 314, Torrance, CA 90505, United States of America.

18) Matchurl offers several types of match-domains to shorten links with: emojis (more about emoji match-domains later), letters and numbers etc. You can view your complete list of match-domains by clicking on MatchURL "Sites" tab.

19) Matchurl offers Matchlink Linkmaker browser extension to their users which makes it easier for them to shorten links while browsing the web - more about MatchLink Linkmaker later . For now, you can download this Google Chrome plugin from MatchURL official website .

20) Matchurl also has a MatchLNK™ feature where you can create your own match-domain based on the name of your choice. This means that when people visit MatchLNK™ short links, it shows your MatchURL or web site name. MatchURL users can create MatchLNK™ by signing up and go to MatchLink page .


21) Matchurl provides its users with an extensive MatchURL Wiki section which covers MatchURL tutorial, MatchURL news, MatchURL facts etc. You can visit MatchURL wiki by clicking on the following link : Matchurl Wiki .

22) Matchurl has a strict policy of not including any advertisements in their services - this make MatchURL url shortener jobs more reliable and faster compared to other url shortener jobs providers.

23) You can create your own account at Matchurl by visiting MatchURL official website here . When creating your account, remember to choose the right plan for yourself depending on how much money you want to earn. After registration, login toMatchurl user control panel (UCP) includes several subtabs: "Referral", "Sites", "Activity" and "Earning". The first one allows Matchurl users to promote their referral link at the bottom of every webpage they visit (it should be turned on in Matchurl settings). Matchurl SITES tab contains all Matchurl generated links like urls, affiliate links etc. This feature is very useful because you can check all short links generated through Matchurl immediately. The third subtab - ACTIVITY - is your accountjoowz , they will be redirected to which is much shorter! Don't forget to check out MatchLNK™ section at MatchURL website to see all MatchLNK™ domains you can register for free!