– Paying URL Shortener Without Captcha # MatchURL – Paying URL Shortener Without Captcha # MatchURL

01.Nov.2021 is another most trustworthy and reliable URL shortener, providing high CPM rates. If you have good organic traffic on your blog and want to generate more income, you might consider Smoner. They pay $5 to $7 for every thousand views from users. The payments are on time, and the signup process is very easy. You can make more money by referring your audiences to the website with a referral link, and for every registration through your referral link, you can earn a 10% commission. Moreover, they offer three types of ads namely Adsense banner display ad type (it pays minimum $1 per thousand views), pop under ads (minimum payment is $0.5) or sliver tier overlay ads (minimum payment is $0.5). So, you can make a good amount of money by referring lots of people to the website in a short time period.

The best thing about Smoner is that it has no traffic requirements for earning revenue from ad display. All you have to do is just signup and start driving targeted clicks from your blog link/s or social media profiles using the free URL shortener service provided by Smoner . You don't need any special skills or knowledge to use this website's services, so anyone with a blog/website or who has a decent following on Facebook / Twitter can earn decent income via It will not only increase your earnings but also save your time for other productive work.

Smoner is the best opportunity to refer highly engaged traffic from various sources including social media, blogs, website links and even PPC marketing campaigns for making good money. So, just sign up today and join the Smoner family!



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As we all know there are so many ways to shorten links and most of them we hate because they contain spammy ads or Captcha.But hope would be there some service providers who accept all types of websites and provides you a short link without Captcha. Reply Delete is a new paid url shortener . They pay $5 to $7 for every thousand views from users. The payments are on time, and the signup process is very easy. Reply Delete

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I have been using smoner for long time now, It has no captcha or spammy ads. Minimum limit also reduces here, I get my payment on time from this site :) i love sm