Sniply [Best for including a CTA to links # matchurl

Sniply [Best for including a CTA to links # matchurl


Sniply is a URL shortener with the unique feature of being able to add a CTA to any link you share. Let me explain why this may be your best choice for encouraging action with compelling calls-to-action.


The most popular use case for Sniply is to encourage someone who views your content to take some kind of action after viewing it. For example, if they read an article you wrote, they can go back to it later and be encouraged by your call-to-action that pops up over the link.


If you have more signups, purchases or contacts that you need, then Sniply could be right for you. You could write something like “Get 15% off today!” or “Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on the latest deals!” and let Sniply do its magic.


Here are some other ways you could use Sniply:

You can invite people who share your content to spread your message further. After they share, they'll be encouraged to follow you so they don't miss out on any future content. You'll also be able to see how many times a link has been shared with a clickable thumbnail of the original post along with stats about how far it's been spread.

Sniply will track where visitors go after they land on your page, allowing you to determine what type of readers make up most of your traffic and posts or products that are most popular. This can help you to tailor your content and CTA to the interests of your readers.

Sniply allows you to link a wide variety of different social media profiles through its free plan, so if you have an image or video from Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo that you want share on Twitter or Pinterest too, there's no need to upload it again - just use Sniply!

Sniply is an effective tool for increasing views as well as shares as people will be able to track how many times they've seen their post, giving them even more incentive to visit.

You could also use Sniply in reverse: Instead of sharing other people's content and using a call-to-action at the end, you could write an article and include a compelling CTA at the beginning of it. This way you can encourage people to read more of your articles before they click away!

Sniply gives you access to some powerful analytics as well as social media tools that can help you increase conversions. If you want real insight into how your readers are engaging with your content, this is one URL shortener worth checking out.

If you create an account today, Sniply will provide statistics on the number of clicks each link gets for free until January 1st, 2013. After that point only paid subscribers will have access to detailed data about their links. The free version also includes support for shortened URLs up to 10 characters in length while pro users can create up to 100.

Sniply has become the favourite URL shortener for social marketers, online publishers and bloggers worldwide. There are no limits on the number of shortened URLs you can track nor any hidden usage fees. You can sign up for a free trial or just start using it today with your own custom domain name at .

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