T2M (Paid Plan Only) # matchurl.com

T2M (Paid Plan Only) # matchurl.com


Benefits of T2M URL Shortener

T2M is a cloud-based solution that allows you to manage all your URL shortening activities under one roof. It has an extensive feature set, but it’s best known for its user-friendly dashboard and the ability to share any website on multiple platforms simultaneously. For instance, you can share an article on Facebook or Twitter using just one click. You can also generate QR codes for every link so that users can easily scan them with their mobile phones. With T2M, each visitor who comes through your shortened links is recognized by IP address geo-location information. You can then use this information to gain insight into your audience.

T2M also offers analytics features that are incredibly easy-to-use. The dashboard displays an interactive pie chart showing the number of clicks, sharing options used, and conversion rates. You can simply drill down to individual links for more detailed data, which is another great feature about T2M’s analytic set up. As a result, you have access over all your link activity anytime you need it, no matter where you are surfing from or who has shared it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

All this makes T2M one of the best URL shorteners out there because it provides everything needed in effective link management without too many frills or features that would require T2M to be more expensive. You can opt for the paid version that offers everything mentioned above plus similar features like Google Analytics integration, referrer data, custom short URLs and daily limits on number of tracked links.

T2M offers an excellent value proposition due to its price range; small businesses will find it affordable enough while larger companies won’t need to break their budgets either. Lastly, T2M is a very reliable service that you can trust with your link management because it has been in business for over six years without any major service outage or downtime reported.


Key Features of T2M URL Shortener

Non-Stop Shortening & Link Tracking

With T2M you are never limited by the number of shortened links you can generate. You can create as many short URLs as you want to, track them all individually, and see the conversion rates at one glance.

T2M offers daily limits on how many tracked links are allowed for each link profile, but there is no restriction whatsoever on the number of short URL profiles that can be created. So it’s up to you whether to use just one or several profiles so you can manage different types of links separately.

Shorten & Share with One-Click Social Sharing

Sharing is made easy with T2M because every link gets individual share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This allows users to share your website directly from the dashboard without having to go back and forth to their own social media sites.

T2M combines the power of URL shortening with advanced analytics for in-depth insight into your link profile and user demographics like geo-location, pages viewed and referral links. You can learn where visitors come from geographically and which pages they visited to make website design decisions accordingly.

Easily Track ROI & Conversion Rates

Every link you generate using T2M’s cloud dashboard comes with its individual statistics tracker that shows the number of clicks, sharing options used and conversion rates (percentage of visits that turn into sales or leads). Alternatively, you can also add an optional Google Analytics tracking code when generating a shortened URL so all data will be automatically tracked by Google Analytics instead.


T2M also generates a QR code for each link so you can capture new leads wherever you see the QR codes. This is perfect for anyone who wants to generate many links or advertise on printed materials like business cards or flyers where just seeing a shortened URL isn’t enough.

Printable QR Codes & Google Analytics Integration

With T2M, printed media is just as valuable as online marketing because users scan the QR codes with their mobile devices and visit your website without any extra effort required by them. QRs are great for non-digital advertising methods like billboards, flyers, brochures and signage where customers don’t need to type in long URLs but simply scan the QR codes with their phone cameras.

On top of that, the paid version of T2M gives users the option to integrate Google Analytics tracking on all their short URLs so they can track everything in real-time and make data-driven decisions as it happens.

T2M is Easy & Reliable

Forget about long setup processes and complicated instructions; T2M requires almost no technical skills or special computer knowledge because it’s a cloud-based service that runs on any web browser. This means you can use macOS, Windows or Linux systems (Chrome works best) and visit your links directly from any mobile device with an internet connection. This also means you can access your links through a shared PC at work instead of having to log into each separate system every time just to check your links.

No Third-Party Bloat & Ads

Unlike most link shortening services, T2M doesn’t inject third-party bloatware like adframes, useless plugins and extensions to cover up its own ads (which is why many users get detected as malware by Google). This gives you the best possible speed and load times for your websites and it makes your links look clean and professional instead of clunky with popups and other distractions.

T2M: Affordable & Guaranteed

The monthly cost for running a link shortener service can add up quickly especially if you need to manage hundreds or thousands of links plus track the analytics on them; that’s why we offer our Pro Plan at $19 USD per month to make it affordable for everyone. On top of that we also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your service as long as you cancel before the end of your paid plan.

About T2M

T2M is an all-in-one solution for URL shortening, link tracking and user analytics that gets rid of bloat, ads and other third-party garbage so users get the best possible load times and overall performance. It offers a clean interface complete with a separate dashboard for location information and device/platform so every click is analyzed in depth for better results. Furthermore, T2M generates QR codes along with its short URLs so users can scan them directly from their mobile devices