T.LY #matchurl.com

T.LY #matchurl.com


One of the most popular use cases for an URL shortener is to create shortened URLs to be used as link tracking. If you are using Twitter or Facebook, Google+ or Instagram, Linkedin or Reddit, their services will track how many clicks your links receive. But do they know what happens after someone clicks on one of your links?

Do these services know how many people clicked on a link and didn't go through with the process of visiting the final website you linked to? They may only see that not all of them went through with it, but they won't know why you failed in convincing them to go there.

This article is about T.LY - a service that allows you to shorten URLs up using any custom domains you want, to any length that you want, to be used as link tracking.


T.LY is a free URL shortener with the main purpose of creating URLs to track how many people click on them, and also allowing users to verify what happens after they click on them (i.e., if they didn't go through with visiting the website). It offers full analytics about each tracked shortened URL so users can see their performance live in real time - no delays or missing data here! Furthermore, T.LY has another very interesting feature which turns it into an extremely powerful platform for sharing links: The ability of sharing not just one but multiple shortened URLs within the same post! The only requirement here is that all these URLs should share at least 1 common word or character string. You can check out the following example:

You will find 3 of my latest articles, with their shortened URLs (generated via T.LY). If you go to any of these articles and proceed to click on their links, you will be able to see how many people clicked on them in real time! The number increasing as each minute goes by - it works like magic! And that's not all; if you take a look at the spreadsheet that was generated when I created this post (via Google Docs), called "T_LY Report", you will be able to see exactly where each of these links are being shared, the number of clicks on them, and also how many people saw them about to click but didn't end up doing it.



Using T.LY in this way is not limited to just Google Docs; you can use it with any other applications, platforms or website widgets that allow importing external data.



URL shortener + analytics for tracking, branding and sharing short links - all within one click!

- Keywords: URL shortener, link tracker, link management, traffic analyzer

- Twitter account of the day on March 23rd 2015 by Adgeekery #adgeekery #dailytwitter #seo (13th place)  

- Featured on Lifehacker on June 6th 2014 <ref>

- Featured on Gizmo's Freeware on January 29th 2014 <ref>

- Featured on Addictivetips on January 27th 2014 <ref>

- T.LY App MVP launched (Android, iOS)

- Winner of the SXSW "Peer Awards" 2015 - Awarded for Mobile Marketing and Social Media Service

- Winner of the OMC2 Awards 2016 - Awarded for Mobile/Web Technology and Internet Company (<ref>)

- Winner of the Outstanding Growth Award at the XBiz Awards 2016 (for mobile app growth) (<ref>)


T.LY is FREE to use with custom short domains or create your own shortener! No limits - no fees. It's like having your own free link shortener.

You can create your own unique T.LY domain in less than 60 seconds, for instance: or any other name you want - it doesn't have to be an URL! You can also use T.LY with your custom domains for FREE, without having to register them on the service - just add an entry in "hosts" file of your device, pointing to t.ly domain (e.g., myshortenername = *.t.ly). This way you will get analytics and full functionality about your links creating via T.LY without needing to change any settings (i.e., no DNS changes required), while still sharing these links via custom domains you already own.

- Features: Analytics about clicks and the people behind them (when your links are clicked, who clicked).

- Plus: Share multiple links within the same post using 1 common word/character string between them.

- Uses: URL shortener, traffic analyzer and link management tool in one - absolutely free to use with custom domains! No spammy behaviors and no sign up required. 100% self owned and self managed (no ads, personal data collection or selling of any type)!


Please refer to official website for more information on T.LY features, pricing plans & how it works <ref> , technical requirements <ref> , FAQs & tutorials for beginners <ref> , tutorials by category <ref> and more.

- Official website: t.ly

- Twitter: @t_ly (official account) and @t_lyapp (application/utility).

- Facebook Page: /tlyapp

- Google+: +t.lyAPP

- YouTube Channel for tutorials on how to use T.LY with Microsoft Excel, Gmail, Google Docs, Evernote & Zendesk (1 tutorial out of 7 already published as of July 17th 2014).

  - Registration required via partner program or by using your own custom domain API interface on publishers portal (<ref>) . You can create a new API key from the "API" tab on the publisher's site at any time.

- Free to use by anyone, including personal users - no sign up required.

- Distribution/browsing of links on T.LY is free for users with custom domains or account owners who have their own API key. There are some restrictions that apply when sharing links without an API key but new features are being added all the time which will not be limited to just partner publishers (see "publishing rules" tab on publisher's site).

Contact us at support@t.ly if you think there are any discrepancies regarding our services or if something doesn't seem right! You can also get in touch via Twitter or Facebook accounts linked above, by clicking on the Support widget on the bottom of T.LY website, via the official T.LY Facebook Page or by using this form on our contact page.

- Creators of T.LY are digital marketers providing services in the following fields: SEO, SMM/SMMT/Social Media Optimization, PPC/Paid Search Marketing, SEM & CPC, Web Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimizations, Affiliate Marketing (CPA), Video On Demand Entertainment - VOD/IPTV platforms and Video Live Streaming - Video Streaming platforms for 1st party users. Creators of T.LY also provide web related consulting services such as website creation for startups and personal users (without coding knowledge needed!) and support for all type of online businesses via "how to" articles and eBooks published on Adgeek