The Benefits of Shortening Links

The Benefits of Shortening Links


Clicks on shortened links can be hard to track. While there are services that measure the success of those links, such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite, it is much easier to use a link shortener like or

The benefit of using these services is the ease with which they make your links look interesting and friendly; however, you will miss out on important information about how well your campaign works if you  solely rely upon these services to gauge the success of your work.

There's no better way than letting people know that clicking a link will shorten their URLs than to directly state that in your ads. That way they know exactly what they're getting into and may even click through more because of it!

As an example, web analytics company KISSmetrics used the headline "Shorten your URL to xx characters or less" in one of their ads. The result? A CTR of 19%.

Another great example is this ad from Hootsuite, which promises to shorten URLs for free. They also make it very clear that they monitor clicks/engagement on shortened URLs. This could be part of the reason why this campaign had a 20.2% click through rate!

URL shorteners are efficient ways to get people who would not normally see your links because of the length of them interested in what you have to say and promote; however, using another service after bitly or not only give you more control over your URLs, but also help you track what people do when they click.

Shortened links not only make the most sense for social media campaigns and advertisements; they can be useful in any area where it is important to know how well a link performs and leads users to take certain actions.

For example:

·          Classrooms:   shorten long web addresses into something that fits on a flash card or poster next to the assignment.

·          Businesses: Shorten company addresses down for employees who need to use them frequently (i.e., with an internal wiki). Also, shorten outbound links leading to other pages on your site so that you can better monitor clicks and user behavior.

·          Legal: shorten links to case law and other references.

·          Social media/marketing: create shortened URLs for twitter, Facebook, etc. Also, shorten outbound links that you want to share on these channels later.

·          Interns: Shorten web addresses into something easily digestible and referenceable (e.g., company names and key people you would like them to research).

There are many reasons why link shorteners are an important tool to have at your disposal. From marketing and social media to legal, education, business, and beyond…shortened links save time, space, and effort!

Link Shorteners Make Links Easier for Users To Navigate

Shorten long URLs into something that is more memorable-such as an acronym or code-so it's easier for users to remember. Because of the way our brains work , it's always better to give people only a couple words instead of several lengthy sentences.

For example: "This article lists out three things you can do now to make sure you don't lose money in 2015" could be shortened down into something the following: 3 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Money in 2015 .

Not only does this make for a much easier formula to write, it also makes for an easier read.

Another great reason to use shortened URLs is that they require less space than the original link. This is particularly important on social media sites like Twitter, where characters are limited and you don't want your tweets to get cut off.

Less characters means more room for other information! Use shortened links along with other headlines or witty comments so that people will be hooked into clicking through before reading all of the text attached to your tweet/FB post/etc. For example: if you were tweeting about this blog article, you could include something like "Shorten long URLs with bitly. Here are 3 reasons why: .

See how the shortened link makes up only a small part of the tweet and doesn't take away from the information you really want to share? Using this kind of ratio can make it much easier for people to click through on your post, as opposed to long posts with nothing but a link in them. Everything from newsletters to social media posts can be improved by using shortened URLs because they increase engagement, which is exactly what you're looking for anyway!

URL shorteners are not only an easy way to improve engagement rates; they're a great way to save time and space when writing headlines or marketing copy-and that's always going to be beneficial. With shortened links, you can create more compelling headlines and marketing copy that still leads to a desired destination.