the best url shortener - link oops

the best url shortener - link oops


How often have you had to shorten a URL before? Have you ever wondered why some websites don't allow you to copy their URLs?  Well, they want to prevent you from sharing their links or using them as bookmarks.

URL shorteners are services that let you create shortened URLs. They are very useful because they save time and space.

Shortened URLs are also known as, tinyurl,, and There are several reasons why you should consider using these services.

First of all, there is no need for you to type the full URL when you share it on social media sites. You can simply use a shortened version of the URL. This saves you time and prevents typos.

Secondly, if your website has an RSS feed, then you can add a link to it in your blog post. This will make it easier for people to subscribe to your site's content.

Thirdly, you can bookmark any page on the web with a shortened URL. It makes it easy for you to access the pages you visit most frequently.

Finally, you can easily track how many times a particular link has been shared. This information is helpful if you're trying to improve your SEO ranking.

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Still miss Google's URL Shortener? Here are the best alternatives, whether you need something simple and quick or are looking for more advanced features.


A List Of The Best URL Shorteners


What Is A URL Shortener?

A URL shortener is a service that lets you create a shortened version of a long URL. These are commonly used on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Why Use A URL Shortener? Why bother creating a shorter version of a long URL?

You can save time typing the longer URL

It’s easier to remember a shorter URL than a long one

You can share a smaller URL on social networks

You can send a larger file through email

You can shorten links from websites without having to ask them to change their settings

You can quickly find a list of other sites sharing the same URL

URL Shorteners Are Easy To Find

There are lots of free URL shorteners available. Some even allow you to create your own custom domain name. If you choose to pay for a premium account, some offer additional features such as analytics tracking and mobile apps.

But What Should You Look For In An URL Shortener?

When choosing an URL shortener, there are several things to consider.

Speed & Performance

The first thing to check when selecting an URL shortener is its speed. Many services have a maximum limit on the number of characters they will allow per second. You don't want to end up paying for a premium account only to find that the site doesn't work properly because it was overloaded.

Some services require you to register before using them so make sure you know how many characters you're allowed to use in a given period of time.

Some services offer unlimited character limits, while others restrict the amount of characters you can use per hour.


Make sure the URL shortener offers two-factor authentication. This means that you must enter a code sent via text message or phone call after logging in. It's a great way to ensure that no one else can access your account if you forget your password.

Make sure the URL shortener has SSL encryption. This ensures that all data being transferred between your computer and the server is encrypted.


If you run into any problems with your URL shortener, do you get support? Do they respond quickly? Can you contact someone by telephone or chat?

How Much Does It Cost?

If you decide to go ahead with a premium account, be aware that most shorteners charge monthly fees. Make sure you understand exactly what you're signing up for. Some may