TinyURL [Best for anonymous use # matchurl

TinyURL [Best for anonymous use # matchurl


TinyURL is a free URL shortener with no registration needed.

TinyURL Pros

You don’t have to create an account or deal with the hassle of remembering another username and password. You can give out links that are anonymous, so people won’t be able to see your statistics on who clicks them, but it also means they won’t be able to access any future updates you make. Using TinyURL lets you shorten very large URLs . By shortening the URL, the page will load faster for someone who has a slower internet connection. The shortened links can also come in handy when sharing posts on social media sites like Twitter, where every character counts!

TinyURL Cons

If you want to publish links to your own website, you’ll have to sign up for one of the paid plans.

TinyURL Affiliate Program Info

You’ll also need to create an account if you want access to reports about who clicks on particular links or how many people are clicking them over time. On the free plan, TinyURL only shows whether someone has clicked a link or not and where they came from. If you don’t create an account, then even if someone clicks on the link no record will be kept of it. You can’t share links that include your brand name (e.g., http://tinyurl.com/yc28bxu3). The custom URLs come with additional features, such as analytics and a domain name.

TinyURL Pricing & Signup Info

If you want to keep your links anonymous, you can use TinyURL for free. If not, there are several plans available starting at $3 per month. Places Where You Can Use TinyURL

You can create and share short URLs on social media sites and other places where you’re sharing links online. Some examples of popular websites that will shorten URLs for you include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube , Reddit , Google+ and Pinterest . You should take care not to share shortened URLs that still contain your brand name as people might be able to find them through search engines like Google. This could land you in trouble with your manager or employer, so it’s best to avoid using branded URLs until you become a paying customer.

TinyURL Alternatives

If you don’t want anonymous links, then Bitly or Goo.gl are alternatives that let you create your own custom shortened URL with branding options available. The paid plans include tracking statistics and all the features listed above, including customizing URLs for social media sites like Twitter and Facebook where character count is important. If you need additional security in case someone figures out what your private link is, there are two alternative services that put an encryption on each link; these specific services will also tell who clicked on the link when it was sent out (though they may not be able to tell how many times it was clicked on).

TinyURL Alternatives for Link Tracking

If you want to know who clicks on your links or how many people are clicking on them over time, there are some alternatives that offer better tracking abilities. Bitly is another popular free service like TinyURL . It has both free plans and paid plans with more features available. The free plan lets you shorten URLs up to 2,500 characters in length (compared to TinyURL’s 500), keeping track of the number of clicks the shortened link receives over time. If someone does figure out what your unique URL is , they won’t be able to tell when it was clicked again because Bitly resets any new visits back to zero. You can also add custom analytics to your links, like with Goo.gl , or if you want to keep the link anonymous then Bitly will work just fine.

If you need more security in case someone figures out what your private link is, another service that puts an encryption on each link (so only the recipient can see it) is called IOP Publishing . It doesn’t have a free plan but it does have a 30-day free trial. You can also request for a copy of who clicked on the link and when, though they won’t be able to tell how many times it was clicked on. There are two other services where you can put an encryption over each shortened URL : A Better Lnk and Shorte .st are both free services.

TinyURL Alternatives for Anonymous Links

If you want anonymous links and don’t mind not having a tracking statistics, then there are some other free alternatives that do both: bit.do and is.gd . Both of these services also let you decide whether people can see the link when it was clicked before or if they can only access it once. You won’t be able to store any stats about who clicked on your shortened link over time though. If you need more than just shortening but an encryption as well so outside parties can’t see what the URL contains, then AnonWWW is a web service that encrypts URLs and even hides which page links to me via its own proxy servers. It doesn’t store any logs or stats either, so it’s also good for anonymous web surfing.

If you want to use a domain name instead of shortening your URL with TinyURL, Bitly offers free custom branded links up to 3,123 characters in length (or 1,024 if it contains a . character). There are no limitations on where you can use them though.