Uii # matchurl

Uii # matchurl


Are you looking for a way to make money online? Uii.io is an awesome site that allows you to earn money by sharing links, mostly URLs.

What is Uii really about?

As the name says, Uii stands for URL Shortener I'm In it which means that all of us can make some simple bucks just by shortening your website's url and letting people see what you have exposed. For anybody who doesn't know how this works, let me explain real quick. As an example I will use my own page u24sek.me where I do everything myself from A-Z! You don't need any skills or anything like that to register on this site and start making money fast as long as people go to your links and click on them! So, as I said before I will use my website as an example.

How can you make money with Uii?

First of all, you need to sign up for free at uii.io and start sharing some links. It doesn't matter what kind of links they are but obviously the more people click on your links, the more chances you have of making money with this site! You just wait for ad impressions on your link and wait for users to click on it and wait for those users to gain anything from that site which causes an ad impression cycle on their side too and so forth. The best thing of this is that it doesn't matter where you post these links; Twitter, Facebook, Forums... any kind of website will do as long as you have your link on it! Once people click on your links and the advertiser sees the impression gained from that page then you will be paid. It can't get any simpler than this!

How much money can you expect to make with Uii?

Well, it's not about how much money you can expect to make with this website but rather what are your chances of making some bucks online pretty fast. The more quality traffic a site has, the better chance one has of earning some decent amounts of cash. You just need to keep at it day after day and slowly build up a decent income stream which is mainly based on your ability to create great content for others to read and like. It's definitely not a get rich quick strategy but you can easily make money online with it if you work hard towards your goal!

So, now that you know how Uii works let me tell you what I'm doing to promote it as much as possible:

I started using this site to shorten my URLs and post them on the different websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr... etc. The good thing about this site is that every time someone clicks on one of those links they will be directed to another website which means that I can potentially gain 3 ad impressions just because one person clicked on that link: 1 click resulted in 1 impression and then 2 more for the second and third page by that same user which equals 3 times more for me!

That being said, I can definitely see a huge potential in this website because not only does it pay its users to shorten their long URL's but also helps them gain traffic from that same user by directing them to other websites which means that you not only shorten the URL but also get paid for every person who clicks on your link after reading what it is all about. And once again, the other great thing of promoting Uii over other websites is that one doesn't need any skills or knowledge about SEO or anything like that since this site will take care of everything through its very own system.

In conclusion, Uii is definitely an awesome platform which allows us to make money online and we should definitely take advantage of this!

Uii is a sister site of Short.pe and PowClick which means that, if you have an account on any of them, they will count as the same. This way you can manage all your online earnings with just one account, in just one dashboard and receive payouts from all the sites at once!

U24sek.me - The example link used in this article!

Shortening my own url allowed me to make 4 bucks with Uii: 3 for me and 1 for u24sek.me owner (myself) and I earned it within less than 30 minutes! And that's not even mentioning how much traffic I'm getting on that page by posting links all over different websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

This site pays even if the traffic is not your own so you can keep posting more and more affiliate links all over the internet to gain money from them! I pretty much earned $4 bucks in less than 30 minutes which means that this website pays for around 100 clicks or impressions. Imagine how much you could make by promoting Uii on a regular basis and engaging tons of people all day long: 100 clicks per day would be $1,200 monthly! And that's just from one link!!! Imagine making some real money with some serious traffics and engagements; it would definitely increase everything mentioned above exponentially! Just imagine getting 500 clicks on your link daily... wouldn't that be awesome? You could make up to $6k monthly which is definitely something worth working for!

Uii Money Making Example: Shortening my own link, I earned $4.03 in less than 30 minutes since it got 100 clicks which means that each click was worth 4 cents (my earnings) which equals to 0.04 dollars (current Uii payout) and there are 100 clicks on my link thus making me $4 bucks so far which was definitely an easy way of earning online money!

But how much traffic does this site actually have? Let's take a look at the counter below this article on top right corner:

   This screenshot above shows us that there were over 900 people who visited my front page within less than 24 hours which means that I made around $18 bucks