URL Branding/Branded Links  # matchurl

URL Branding/Branded Links # matchurl


URL branding is an essential tool in developing a brand identity. It also contributes to the popularity of your content as well as boost conversions due to fast loading URLs without advertisements. Popular URL shortening services have already taken note of these benefits and provide this option for their users, but up until now it required you pay money to build branded links. 

This was the case with Bitly, TinyURL and many other popular shorteners that allow creation of custom shortened URLs via third-party websites or APIs only if paid. None are currently offering free tools for instant creation of branded links .

The main problem is coming up with a search engine friendly process which won’t compromise on link safety by getting yourself banned from Google search results or allowing spammy link posts.

Fortunately, there’s a workaround for this problem to create custom branded links easily for free while staying safe and keeping your embed code to yourself or attached with the link post. This is possible using the Google URL Shortener service (goo.gl) which provides an easy way of creating fully customizable short URLs that you can use to track each click your content gets on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

However, this process requires some scripting knowledge in order to configure the IDEs (interactive development environment). Basically, setting up goo.gl shortened links should be done by following these three steps:

1. Copy your personalized domain name or website address into your browser’s address bar instead of http://goo.gl/

2. Add the ID to the end of your address bar after a tilde sign (~)

3. Then click Enter, and voila! You will be redirected to the customized page that ends with “?id=++++++” where you can find your goo.gl shortened URL along with multiple options for customization like proxy support, special characters, custom start page etc.

Note: As Goo.gl is Google's platform, they do not allow any brand names or keywords in their URLs as these are already reserved for their own use (in case they ever want to implement this feature). So it is recommended to set up goo.gl short links only if you don't plan on using brand names or keywords in your shortened URLs.

However, if you do wish to create custom branded goo.gl short links, then keep an eye out for special characters like the tilde sign (~) which is not allowed by Goo.gl and can be replaced with %7E for example. The same applies for hyphens (-) as well as underscores (_). For this reason, it's best to use numbers (0-9) instead of any special characters in the ID section of the short link which will help avoid these issues.


Having said that, the rest of the process is fairly straightforward and doesn't require any complex coding. Many website owners are already using this free feature to create custom branded links by configuring goo.gl in WordPress or Joomla without having to run scripts or use third-party tools that might be unsafe .

This method works for both pasting links manually in posts as well as inserting them automatically in posts via plugins like SEO Smart Links plugin which can be used to link all your content on a site together without worrying about any safety risks that may come up due to shortened URLs containing keywords or brand names.

Using Goo.gl Shortened URLs To boost Social Media Engagement:

Reevaluate how you're using social media to engage with your audience and give each post a purpose.

With the increase of social media sharing and engagement, it's also becoming increasingly important to determine why you're using them in the first place.

If you're tying to drive more traffic back to your website, then focus on creating personalized content that will resonate with your audience and get attention. This way, people might share your posts which will help get better traction than just hoping for people to stumble into your site while scrolling through Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Use goo.gl shortened URLs To Track Individual Social Media Posts:

Tools like Google Analytics can only provide overall statistics about social media activity including clicks and shares per post across multiple platforms like Facebook or Twitter . However, if you wish to see how many clicks you got for a particular post or tweet, then goo.gl short URLs are still your best bet.

These custom links can be used on both mobile and web platforms which makes them an ideal option for tracking any social media activity that might not always show up in analytics like getting more attention from different mobile platforms like Instagram or Pinterest . This is especially helpful if you're only posting on some of these sites occasionally as it's easy to forget about their potential reach since there isn't enough data available through Google Analytics.

Easier To Track Social Media Conversions:

Tracking conversions across multiple social media platforms can become tedious after a certain point as most tools don't allow you to combine the statistics of various social media platforms with those from your site.

To avoid this problem, you can use goo.gl shortened URLs as they're not only easy to remember, but also don't expire like other free URL shorteners like bitly . Since they can be used on multiple platforms and across all devices , there won't be any issues regarding compatibility either.

You might even want to create a separate profile page and direct people there through social media for better tracking and more conversions . This video has more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6sv5L0Uxuo&feature=youtu.be Note: The above article is for informational purposes only—recommend consulting official references (linked in the article) for verification. This article is shared in the spirit of helping people do things better—recommend using all referenced tools cautiously as they might not suit you or your needs.


  *The above article has been uploaded with written consent from the author. If interested in similar articles, feel free to visit this blog which is regularly updated with tips and information on how to improve web marketing/SEO practices. **This website uses goo.gl shortened URLs as a reference for creating custom URLs as it provides detailed information on some of their features like tracking clicks across multiple social media platforms through analytics . However, if you wish to skip directly to creating a custom link from scratch , here's a quick time-saving guide (for both web and mobile users) : 1. Once logged into your Google account, go to this URL: https://goo.gl/ 2. Type in your desired custom link in the "DESTINATION" section 3. For social media targeting , you can select "Only for this site" or any other popular social media platform like Facebook or Twitter (this doesn't work for Instagram though). 4. Hit the blue "+CREATE LINK" button located at the bottom of the page 5. Your new custom link will be ready after a few seconds  

Do let us know if there are similar tools that provide more options than Goo.gl, we'll update the article with it! Cheers! :) P/S