url shortener with parameters

url shortener with parameters


I use bit.ly to shorten my urls. My problem - paramters are not passed. Let me explain I use this script: 

Are you looking to create a vanity URL but don't know where to go? Check out our in-depth guide to the best URL shorteners on the market!

I am using the following code for creating a link and passing some data to it. The link is created fine, however when i click on it nothing happens. Is there something wrong with the way I'm doing it or maybe its just not possible to pass parameters from javascript to php?

Well-crafted URLs are an important (yet often overlooked) element of a successful SEO strategy. A smaller URL is more likely to catch your audience's attention than a jarring string of letters and numbers. It can also help build trust among your audience and generate higher click rates to your site.

The simplest way to create clean, enticing URLs is by using a URL shortening tool. No matter the size of your business or budget, this article will help you find the best URL shortener for your unique needs.

If you're wondering why we've chosen to focus on these three tools, it's because they have been used by thousands of businesses around the world. They're all free, easy to use, and offer a wide range of features that make them

1. Cuttly Cuttly offers a variety of features, including link shortening, branded link creation, and advanced analytics. Best of all, it's absolutely free to use. Cuttly allows users to track each shortened link in real time and measure its performance. It also offers a UTM code generator for registered users

Short URL is a no-frills site that allows for the shortening, sharing, and tracking of links. There's no customization tool on this platform, but for those looking for a straightforward and free URL shortener, this is a great place to start.

TinyURL.com is a free site that offers both URL shortening and customization. What we like about this tool (besides it being free, of course) is that it's easily integrated into your browser's toolbar. Clicking on the toolbar button will then create a tiny URL for the current page you're on. However, Tiny URL doesn't possess link tracking abilities.

Other URL shorteners offer paid and enterprise plans. Paying for a URL shortener can give you access to services like on-call customer support, link management, traffic routing, and collaborative workspaces. If that sounds like something your business could benefit from, try opting for one of these paid URL shorteners.

Rebrandly is a link management platform to brand, track and share short URLs using a custom domain name. Rebrandly does provide a free service, but it caps its tracked clicks at 5,000 per month. 

Plans range between $29 and $499 per month, or you can contact Rebrandly for custom pricing. 

Clickmeter helps businesses optimize clickthrough and conversion rates through the management, racking, and monitoring of shortened URLs. Users have access to tools like click and conversion tracking, URL shortening, branded domains, A/B testing, and dynamic traffic redirects. This platform costs $99 per month.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analysis service offered by Google Inc. that tracks and reports website traffic. The service was originally launched as a search engine optimization tool, but has since evolved to become a powerful marketing tool. By gathering data on user behavior, Google Analytics enables marketers to determine how visitors engage with their content—from landing pages to ecommerce sites—and what actions drive conversions.

Google Analytics is available as a free download from Google. You'll need to register an account before you can begin collecting data. Once you do so, you'll be able to view your site's visitor statistics and generate reports on your most popular pages and campaigns.

3. Google AdWords