URL Shortener #matchurl.com

URL Shortener #matchurl.com


Everyone's favorite Twitter application, Tweetie, has just released it's latest version which will allow you to shorten your URLs inside the app. Instead of having to launch Safari and copy/paste a URL inside a tiny box at TinyURL or bit.ly, now you can quickly do it from Tweetie itself.

The new feature is a "Web Clipboard" which is basically a button that sits in the bottom center of the screen next to the compose tweet bar. When you tap on said button, up comes an overlay where you can type in your long URL and hit the big blue button once complete. The URL will be copied to your clipboard within seconds and then pasted into Tweetie as well as all other apps that export text such as Mail or SMS.

We tried the feature out and it works well, but it does leave a few things to desire. The biggest problem is that when you paste in a URL from Tweetie into another app, the "http://" is still included which makes for some messy looking text. For example:

Just look at all those extra characters! It would be great if there were an option to strip this out before pasting so that the URL's inside apps like Safari and Mail looks clean and beautiful instead of cluttered and unappealing.

Other than that however, we're really excited to see Tweetie getting more useful features such as this one and we can't wait until they release their official iPad app which will supposedly rock the house.


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