URL shortener #10: Shorte.ST # matchurl

URL shortener #10: Shorte.ST # matchurl


Shortes.t is a URL shortener on a mission: to provide the first truly global product experience on the internet.

Shorte.ST, a New York-based company backed by YEC, has been growing explosively since it began monetizing in 2015 and now delivers over 20 million clicks per month from over 220 of the world’s top publishers. In fact, Shorte.ST serves as one of Google’s DSP partners, which means advertisers can purchase its inventory through DoubleClick Bid Manager or AdWords - including set budgets and lookalike audiences – to drive traffic directly to their sites without having to maintain multiple accounts with every network and Twitter manager they use.

Advertisers can also use Shorte.ST’s proprietary site matching technology (powered by Lucid) to target specific audiences based on their websites. So, if a marketer is only interested in targeting fashion e-commerce sites like Nordstrom or Revolveclothing.com, they can run an ad exclusively that will drive clicks directly to these retailers’ sites rather than setting up separate campaigns for each merchant.

Shorte.ST was started by Jon Han, who holds an MBA from NYU Stern and worked for Google for over 5 years before joining Razorfish as director of media strategy & operations - first managing more than $100 million on the DoubleClick Display Network alone, then building up the programmatic multimedia department at Razorfish by overseeing all display and video media served on the DSP.

During his time at Razorfish, Han saw first-hand how brands were underserving performance goals by only using their own proprietary ad networks and not regularly checking open platforms to ensure optimal targeting. This led him to start Shorte.ST, which focuses on driving top of funnel clicks to premium publishers’ sites.

Advertisers can also run sales promotions directly through its dashboard, customizing deals based on set goals like CTR or CPM.


How much does it pay?

Shorte.ST pays $14.04 CPM for U.S., $8-$11 CPM for UK, France & Canada traffic; $0.41-$0.72 CPM for all other countries; $0.24-$1.50 CPM for mobile traffic; and up to $5 CPM for video views depending on publisher.


How can you apply?

Shorte.ST is looking for top-tier publishers, either direct or ad networks with which the company has a strong working relationship. Publishers should have an existing site with at least 30,000 monthly unique visitors since Shorte.ST only provides performance based campaigns that are not intended to drive direct sales or generate leads directly from its platform (it’s up to advertisers and publishers to decide if they want those results). Publishers must also be able to use pixels/beacon tags and source codes, as well as set real-time bids via DFP if they use a DSP.

It’s free to join and you don't have to apply in advance. Just submit your site, and get an instant approval after the review process is complete. The approval can take up to two days because Shorte.ST requires publishers who use AdSense or other ad networks to use their own tools for all ads served on their sites (for transparency purposes).

If approved, you could start seeing results almost immediately since campaigns are turned on within 1-2 hours of joining Shorte.ST’s network and all campaigns run 24/7 even over weekends and holidays. Publishers should also receive payment every month that they meet minimum payout thresholds: $100 for direct bank transfers and $200 via PayPal


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Shorte.ST is a steady earner in the URL shortener space, with high-value users from top tier publishers and ecommerce marketers looking to reach them. If you have an audience that these brands want to engage with, joining Shorte.ST could be a great way for you to earn money from your traffic. But make sure your site can handle this type of paid advertising before signing up - it's going to require a bit more upkeep than typical display ads since advertisers' campaigns will need to be managed within your DFP ad server if you're using a DSP (and ads may need to include special trackers/beacons). The payout is also a bit higher than your average CPM offer, making this a very appealing URL shortener to join if you're an advertiser or publisher interested in driving more revenue through your site.

Subject: Shorte.ST – A High Performing URL Shortener for Publishers and Advertisers


Shorte.ST offers U.S.-based publishers paid campaigns that can help generate extra income from their traffic by allowing brands to purchase their ad space through the link-shortening platform. In addition to running campaigns, publishers can also use Shorte.ST as a standalone link shortener since it offers an easy way to track clicks from shortened links from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook (including native ads). This article will go