URL shortener #2: T.co #  MatchURL.com

URL shortener #2: T.co # MatchURL.com


We all know about Twitter's own built-in URL shortener. But did you know that there is another free service, Matchurl , that does something very similar?

Matchurl allows users to create their own custom Url shortner for free! No need to worry about what you will use it for or how much traffic you'll get. All the Matchurl shortner requires is that your domain name be a word. 

So how do Matchurl and Twitter differ? Matchurl has no character limitations, while Twitter's built-in service is limited to 23 characters. Matchurl also does away with the overhead of having to sign up for a new shortner website and everything that goes along with it (a blog feed). All you need is a Matchname link and people can begin using your shortened links immediately.

MatchURL offers both URL redirecting services as well as url analytics. Whenever someone clicks on one of their links they are presented with their own custom website that helps track hits and visitors by providing real time analytical data.

As far as free urls go, MatchURL is one of the best options out there.

There are still other free url shortners to consider, but MatchUrl is my personal favorite.

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Note on image(s) usage : Matchurl's original website said they did not allow images, however it appears that has changed since I wrote this article in 2011 & 2012 . The Matchurl "sign up" page now allows images in an announcement about future changes in November 2014 . ** MatchURL currently seems to be back down to 23 chars - with no option for custom urls without paying a fee. This could be because they have moved on from offering free services, or are simply re-working their system. Matchurl is a Match.com company that now limits free url redirect services, but will offer paid custom domains . However MatchUrl still gives you a 23 character link - matching Twitter's limit. MatchURL has a "feed" for all your shortnerd needs if you want to subscribe & read updates or follow them on social media. You can also see their latest stats to give yourself an idea of how popular MatchURL actually is (a lot). And here are some Matchurl feeds from others who have used MatchURL: * **

Matchurl was acquired by Match.com in 2013, who already owned Meetic . Match.com also owns OkCupid , Match Affinity , Match Latino's , & People Media . Match is "one of the world's largest dating companies". MatchURL was free when it existed as a separate company that offered different options then Match.com did (or does). MatchURL redirect services are now included with Match.com & other Match brands, but they may continue to offer paid custom url services too - details not clear at this time.

I hope you found this article on Twitter URL shortening helpful! If so please share with others so they can benefit too :) Leave a comment below with your thoughts & experiences using t.co or any other free url shortner service. Follow & share this series using the social media icons at the bottom of this article so you don't miss out on another great MatchURL article! Matchurl isn't just for dating sites/apps - use Matchurl to shorten pretty much any long URL that you want to share! * MatchURL does not currently offer paid custom url services, but they do offer other Match services such as Match Search , Match Affinity Dating , Match Latino , etc. ** The image(s) in this article are not mine, nor did I take them from anywhere else or make them myself. They are stock photos owned by Matchurl / Match.com . These images were posted online in their original form by Matchurl when they were a separate Match.com company offering different services than Match.com does now. Matchurl's original mission was to help dating sites grow & share their link . I am not affiliated with Matchurl or Match in any way - both Match and MatchURL have been defunct for several years now, so it's fine to use the images from MatchURL's website as knowledge, but please give credit where credit is due :)

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Twitter URL shortener is another useful tool available on the social media platform that you should be aware of! This service automatically condenses down long URLs into their smaller version. You might not know this, but every single link shared on Twitter gets shortened—even if it is already using a 3rd party service like Bitly (https://goo.gl/bQ8U8l)!

You should also use T.co as a MatchURL paid url shortner for Google Match Business because it will keep track of the statistics and even filter out spammy sites from your shortened links!

This can come in handy when trying to rank for certain keywords or phrases by looking at which ones are getting clicked more often. If there's a specific phrase you want to rank for, use this tool and find which links are getting clicked the most!

You can also track everything T.co does in MatchURL with Google Analytics and Matchboard at: https://goo.gl/9Q2kTU . This is a great Matchurl paid url shortner that will even allow you to set up an audience so you can see which users are clicking on your links!

Goo.gl used to be the go-to link shortener, but since Matchboard started using T.co quite frequently we recommend it as a matchurl paid url shortner here. It still keeps all statistics and metrics of inventory managed via Matchboard, but also allows for further customization like custom names and the ability to create MatchURL audiences.

Finally, T.co is also great for Matchboard because it will allow you to easily see which users are clicking on your shortened links via Google Analytics! Read more about Matchboard here: https://goo.gl/sGgViz . You can even set up daily Matchboard reports via email if you wish!

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time with questions or concerns. We want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with their Matchboard experience so don't hesitate to ask - we'll get back to you 24/7!

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

The Matchboard Team (https://goo.gl/oYwsmi