URL shortener #4: Tiny URL # Matchurl

URL shortener #4: Tiny URL # Matchurl


URL shortener #4: Tiny URL

URL shorteners are a great way to save space when you need to post really long URLs. There are plenty of options out there, but TinyURL is my favorite for one main reason: it’s easy enough for anyone to use, but also customizable—so you can personalize your links with unique vanity names. 


To create a new TinyURL on the site itself, just enter in the old link and hit “Make TinyURL!” To do so without logging in, head to https://tinyurl.com/create.php. You can also shorten URLs from your browser toolbar or iOS/Android app after creating an account .

Tiny URL's services might not be for everyone, but they're just what a casual user needs.***URL

shortener service is a website or software which makes a short hyperlink for a webpage. This type of services are used to make small urls by taking long url and marking some random words from it. There are many url shorteners available in the internet world but TinyURL is best provided link shortener by offering some unique feature that others do not have.

TinyURL is one of the best url shortening service provider on the planet based on its popularity, user's choice and helpful features offered by TinyURL team. TinyURL also offers custom features so you can create your own shortened links with specific keywords of your choice, without any third-party apps or extensions required.

Setup URL for this Article: tinyurl.com/m8j4c2h

## 1. Unique Features Of TinyURL # 1- Matchurl link shortener url shortener Matchurl is cool feature provided by TinyUrl to create shorter URLs. Matchurl is similar to Custom URL but it has some differences too. Matchurl feature of TinyURL helps you to create custom shortened urls for your favorite websites. Matchurl offers keywords which you can use to manage individual website links with different domains, subdomains and subdirectories. You can also target specific parts of any page or posts title or content on the web site you are creating keyword for. For example, if there is a WordPress blog post related to "How To Make Coffee" and you want shorten its url so that others can easily access it, Matchurl comes to rescue for you. Matchurl feature of TinyURL will let you create a shorter link for this post just by focusing "How To Make Coffee" part of the content which appears in between quotation mark. Matchurl also lets you get creative with your custom shortened urls. You can set title tag and description that would be displayed when someone hovers over your keyword on Search Result Page or Google page rank page. There are many advantages of Matchurl service offered by TinyURL to make shortened URLs based on the information provided by the user while creating MatchUrl keyword. MatchUrl is helpful in following cases:

- When you need specific part of web page but do not know exact location (exact coordinates) of that information. MatchUrl feature of TinyURL is helpful in this case to get accurate part of web page title or content to create short url based on Matchurl keyword.

- When you want shorter URL for a single webpage only without affecting its subdirectories or subdomains. Matchurl can be used with one website/webpage only whereas Custom url service offered by TinyURL lets you shorten URLs for complete domain, subdomains and directories. Matchurl is perfect choice when you need custom shortened URLs with specific keywords for single webpage or website which does not have any subfolders or subdomains. ## 2. Benefits Of Using TinyURL # 1- 10x increase traffic

Tiny URL helps you to drive more traffic on your website by shortening your long urls to replace them with the short ones. A study found that Matchurl link shortener url shortener Matchurl keywords can increase traffic on particular website or webpage by 10 times easily. Matchurl feature of TinyURL is helpful in increasing traffic on a web page which has high pagerank but its original URL has low search engine ranking due to too many indexed pages, backlinks and other factors. MatchUrl service offered by TinyURL helps you to get attention of audience who are looking for specific information on internet with specific keywords.

2- Matching keywords with MatchUrl

MatchUrl keyword must be descriptive enough so the people looking for related information will find it without wasting time on searching it. Keywords which you are using for MatchUrl must be relevant to the website or webpage containing Matchurl keyword. Matchurl is helpful in increasing your web page ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) as it contains most relevant keywords of your web page or post title. MatchUrl is also helpful in getting attention of targeted audience who are looking for specific information related to MatchUrl keywords on Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

3- Matching Landing Page with MatchUrl

As MatchUrl functionality works with single url only so it should be used with landing pages which provide specific information that user is looking for instead of general product or service. Matchurl service offered by TinyURL lets you choose any part of a webpage title, content and description to create MatchUrl which can be used to replace existing Matchurl keyword keywords. MatchUrl lets you specify any part of the web page title, content and description before creating MatchUrl.

4- Matching target audience with MatchUrl

No matter how catchy your Matchurl is but if it does not match with your targeted audience then it will be a complete waste of time and money both as there is no point in spending time and resources to bring traffic on specific website or webpage which does not provide desired result. MatchURL must always contain most relevant keywords that are searched by your targeted audience. A targeted audience always prefers short, descriptive and easy Match url for their search queries so they do not have to go through long drawn out searches for related information.