URL Shortener # Matchurl

URL Shortener # Matchurl


The best way to shorten a long, complicated URL is with a Google extension called URL Shortener. With this tool, you can create a shorter version of any webpage's address and send it out via e-mail, message, etc.

If you want to give your link more character or make the shortened link easier for people to remember, you can even generate a QR code.

To start this tool on Chrome, navigate here .

Once there, click "Install" under the main picture of the product. The app will download from Google Web Store and install automatically. Afterward, simply enter your desired web address into the bar that appears at the top of your screen and press "Shorten."

A new browser tab will open up with the shortened URL. You can then copy it to your clipboard, share it on social media, or use it in any other way you please.

For extra safety, you can also password-protect your shortened URLs. This will ensure that no one but you can access them.

URL Shortener is a great tool for people who want to make their links shorter and more user-friendly. It's also ideal for businesses that want to create QR codes for their products or services. With this extension, you'll have everything you need to shorten your URLs and make them easier to use. Try it out today!

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URL shortener is a Google extension that will quickly and easily shorten any URL, making it easier to***Un

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As more and more people use smartphones, applications capable of taking photos of barcodes, QR codes or any type of text become more popular - one such application is Google's own Google Goggles , which manages to identify objects from picture taken by your phone's camera.

Do you often have trouble sharing long URLs with friends? For example, if you wanted to send a friend a URL that leads them to a video on Youtube.com , it would be a hassle having watch the whole thing just so they could copy and paste it into their address bar. What if we told you there was an easy way of sharing something like ***T

inder is a location-based social search mobile app that allows users to like (swipe right) or dislike (swipe left) other users, and allows users to chat if both parties swiped to the right (a match).  The app is often used as a hookup app.

In order to shorten your Tinder profile URL, you have to have a Google account.

From now on, everything involving the shortening of URLs will be done on a computer with a web browser. Go ahead and open up Google Chrome and navigate over to . This will bring you directly to the best URL shortener there is: goo.gl!

Now all we have to do is copy our Tinder profile URL and paste it into the text field on goo.gl. After hitting shorten, we are given a very small, concise URL to use instead of our long, clunky one.

But what if we want to share our profile with someone who doesn't have a Google account? No problem! Goo.gl also generates QR codes for each shortened URL. Just scan the QR code with your phone's camera and the link will automatically open in your web browser!

Pretty nifty, right? Now you can easily show off your Tinder profile to all of your friends – without taking up too much space on their screens!

If you're looking for an even more compact way to share your profile, try using a URL shortener that generates a unique image for each shortened link. T

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Looking to shorten your long, complex URLs? A URL shortener is the perfect Google extension for you! With a URL shortener, you can copy URLs to the clipboard automatically. Plus, you can also generate QR codes for your URLs.

There are many different URL shorteners to choose from. But, the best one is definitely Tinderurl.com (or Matchurl.com). It's easy to use and has a simple interface. Plus, it's free!

So, why not try out Tinderurl (or Matchurl) today? You'll be glad you did! Thanks for reading!

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