url shortener with custom name

url shortener with custom name


Do you want to create a url shortener but don't know where to start? 

If you are looking for a free url shortener service then there are plenty out there. Bitly is a URL shortening service that allows you to create links that are customized based on who you are sharing them with. This means that you can share links with friends, family members, coworkers, clients, etc.

You can also use the bitly API to generate your own shortened URLs. You will need to sign up for an account at bitly and get an API key. Then you can use this api call:

Free custom URL Shortener and branded URLs with advanced links tracking and Link Management Platform & API. Shorten and replace long URL to short link. Track your links. Use it to affiliate programs, ads, social websites, emails, text messages, flyers with QR code.


I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by "shortened" in this context. If you're asking about how to make a URL shorter, you could just use the shorten method of StringBuilder. For example:

Name your links with your own custom name. Links with a custom alias name are much more clickable and more readable than other links. Internet users trust more in url addresses that define the content / name of the link. This solution is more useful and significantly increases the click-through rates. 

Create a class named CustomShortener which extends from UrlShortener. In your CustomShortener class override the methods doShorten() and getUrl(). These two methods should return a string containing the shortened version of the original URL.

The following example shows how to implement a custom shortener using the above mentioned approach.

URL shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web in which a URL may be made substantially shorter and still direct to the desired page. There are many URL shortener tools available in the market

Following is a curated list of Top 23 URL Shortner Software, with their popular features and website links. The list contains open source(free) as well as paid (commercial) software.

A custom URL shortener, sometimes referred to as a branded URL shortener, lets you brand your links.

There are several benefits of branding your short links. Branded links build trust between your audience and your business, drive more clicks, give your audience a preview of where they are being taken and increase brand awareness.

A link shortening service that includes custom short URLs is vital to improving audience engagement with your communications. A short URL is good, but a custom URL works every time. 

Customize the look of your URL shorteners. Create a new style sheet or modify one of your existing stylesheets. Add CSS classes to your short links so they appear different from regular web pages.

Branding your URL shortener gives your visitors a sense of ownership over your site, making them feel like they’re part of something bigger.

Branding your short links helps you improve your SEO rankings and drives traffic to your site. It also makes your links easier to remember and share.

You can use these services to create your own custom URL shortener.

A custom URL is an easy-to-remember channel URL that you can share with your audience. Custom URLs are based on your channel name and display as youtube.com/yourcustomname or youtube.com/c/yourcust

If you want to customize the appearance of your custom URL, you can add color codes, background images, and even videos to your custom URL.

Most URL shorteners have some sort of customization feature, allowing you to change the colors or logos used for your links. You can also choose to include a logo or image at the end of each link.

In this tutorial we will explain how to make a simple custom URL shortener by creating our own URL shortener application. We will start with a basic understanding of what a URL shortener is and how it works. Then we will go through step by step instructions to create a custom URL shortener app.

In this video I show you how to shorten any URL into a custom domain

A custom URL is an easy-to-remember channel URL that you can share with your audience. Custom URLs are based on your channel name and display as

Note: You can remove and set up a new custom URL for your channel up to 3 times per year. If you move your YouTube channel to another account , you need to remove your custom URL from your account then set up a custom URL on your new account after 72 hours.

To create a custom URL for your channel, your account needs to:

Note: YouTube reserves the right to change, reclaim, or remove custom URLs at any time. For example, we may reclaim a custom URL that was associated with a deleted Google Account.

Learn how to create Google (goo.gl) short URLs with your brand's domain name in 5 minutes and for FREE without installing any software

Create a free custom URL for your channel using a short URL service such as Bitly (bitly.com) or Goo.gl (goo.gl). These services allow you to take any long URL and turn it into a shorter, clickable version.