Urlhum #MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

Urlhum #MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


What it is: Urlhum is a URL Shortener that will not track you or place any cookies with your browsing data. You can also verify shortened links using the provided bookmarklet.

How to use: After signing up, simply log in from any page and start shortening links by either clicking on the icon in your toolbar or going to a custom url of  http://urlhum.com/u/YourUsername

A logged in down menu will appear. Click shorten link and choose a keyword for the shortened link eg :  pinkkitty becomes pinkkitty . Once chosen input a description if desired and save.

When anyone clicks on this shortened link they will be routed to the original destination but you will be given credit for shortening it.

You can also click verify link to check that the shortened url takes you where it is supposed to.

In the event that a malicious user tries to create a hoax or fake link, they will be routed back to the original destination once clicked upon and a warning message will appear notifying them of their mistake. This feature makes this URL Shortener an ideal source for journalists who require trustworthy sources.

As this is a privacy-aware service unlike other popular providers such as tinyurl and bitly your email or any personal details are not required at all.

Creating bookmarks: In order to make life easier for yourself you can bookmark the verifier page found here  and place it in your bookmark bar for ease of access.

Features: - Does not require an email or any personal details to sign up or shorten links - Shortened URLs cannot be edited once created so choose wisely - Cannot delete shortened links but can unshorten them if desired - Unique URL as opposed to bitly and tinyurl which allow people to share your link on forums etc, thus creating multiple versions of the same link and confusing everyone

- Guaranteed privacy meaning you will never be tracked down with a shortened link that you create. As we do not know who is using our service we cannot disclose this information without a warrant.

Why use it: All popular URL shortening services such as tinyurl and bitly track you and cookies on your computer upon clicking a shortened link. This means that people can view the websites you surf on by simply accessing your cookies and can access information such as emails or other personal data you may have on your computer.

This makes these services undesirable for privacy-aware users who do not want their details stolen and sold to spammers and marketers. As we do not know who is using this service we cannot disclose any private information without a warrant so nobody will be able to track down your online identity and steal personal data from you.

How it works: Our system creates a random string of alphanumeric characters of 10 characters in length thus making it impossible for someone who intercepts the shortened URL to guess what its destination is without trying every possible combination of letters and numbers (which will take a lot of time).

The system also allows for an unlimited amount of shortened links to be created at any one time.

Urlhum is run by a single person and therefore it can be assumed that this service will remain free from spam and malicious users in the near future, a luxury many other URL shortening services cannot offer you.

This privacy aware, easy to use URL shortener ensures that you will remain anonymous when surfing the internet by keeping your data safe and hence keeping marketers at bay.

Please note: Urlhum is still in its beta stage so please report any bugs or problems here  and give us feedback on how we can improve our service!

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