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With the rise of content marketing and social media, branded links have become a powerful link building strategy. They’re an opportunity to showcase your brand and drive more traffic to your site or blog. If you’re not using them yet, it’s time to start planning.




According to industry experts at PeerReach, 40% of customers who follow a branded link will visit the target site within 24 hours. That means there’s a higher likelihood that they will convert into new visitors or customers if you include one in your social posts – and that means more opportunities for sales and revenue!




Branded links can:




* Boost branding efforts: Brands stand out on social media when they get more clicks on branded links. You can boost your name recognition by keeping your audience engaged and curious about the link you’re offering them in each social post.


* Drive traffic: Branded links are a great way to drive traffic to your business blog or website, especially if you offer in-depth content. So, when branding efforts in your marketing and social media campaigns increase in value, so does the impact of promoted branded links.


* Act as ads: Promoting branded links is also a great time saver for busy marketers and business owners. If you write consistent quality content, these links will help promote it for you throughout social media without having to lift a finger - except sharing!


If you’re ready to make the switch and stand out from your competition with branded links, here’s how to get started:



1. Publish giveaway posts: Content marketing isn’t just about self-promotion – it also involves giving away valuable content and information to your audience. If you think of each branded link as a digital coupon for something special on your website or blog, you can share it with an engaged social media following who will want to come back and visit often.

2. Share industry news: BizSugar is a great resource for news roundups that highlight all the best stories in business today. If you share these posts across social media, they can give you great original ideas for posts that involve linked branded content.


3. Share content from your site: If you share the same types of high-quality, original posts on social media as you publish on your blog or website, chances are they will also perform well on Facebook and Twitter. To give these links another push, include a catchy promotional “teaser” in your post about what readers can expect to find on the other side of the link.


4. Craft creative copy: Social media has changed how we market online because it puts an emphasis on engagement and creativity over traditional forms of advertising like ads and billboards. When you promote a branded link through social sharing, make sure to tell potential visitors why they would be interested in it with great copy.


5. Keep track of results: If you haven’t been tracking clicks on your branded links, it might be tough to tell which posts are getting the most attention from your audience. Once you start measuring click-through rates for these posts though, you can use the information to see what content is working best with your audience and adjust accordingly in future outreach efforts.


6. Use them everywhere: Include them in Facebook posts, tweets, LinkedIn updates, Google+ comments and even Pinterest pins - because when they are strategically placed throughout all of your social media platforms using images vs. text, they have a better chance at being seen by others across platforms rather than just those who follow you on one specific platform or another.


7. Share the love: After you post your branded link - be sure to share other business’s branded links! It’s easy for them to do the same when they find one that works well for them, so don’t forget to return the favor and help grow their audience while you’re at it.


As you promote your brand across social media using branded links, remember that this strategy should never replace traditional content promotion efforts or outreach strategies like guest blogging. Instead, think of it as a valuable tool in your online marketing toolbox that can make your current strategies even more powerful when used correctly.


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