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Publishers should know about the best URL shortener service. And, I am here to introduce you with that service.

VivAds is undoubtedly, a fast-growing URL shortener service that pays the highest payout rates eCPM for publishers. Moreover, it also gives good benefits to all publishers. Like, multiple payment options, very high referral commission for life, low minimum withdrawal limit, daily payments, best client support etc. 

Its main attraction is its user interface and website designs which are really cool and attractive at the same time informative too. It also provides free analytics tools so that publishers can easily analyze their traffic statistics derived from these ads networks like Google Analytics.

URL Shortening Service: Vivads

URL shortening service is an internet advertisement service which is used to use small url in the place of long links. Those services also help advertisers and publishers to track visitors' activities such as how many visitors visited a website with help of these shortened links.

Vivads is one of them that provide full package for its users. It means it provides URL shortener service, publisher program and advertiser programs too under one roof. There are many websites running on this platform that will give you high revenue no matter what your website niche is or offers you are providing through your website.

For Publishers: What U Get

As I already mentioned above, Vivads offers best paying Publisher Program for all countries except China where PayPal is restricted according to their TOS (Terms of Services). But, as per my knowledge it has a good relationship with China as well. So, if any publisher from that particular country can contact Vivad's Live Support team and talk to them about the PayPal restriction then they will be able to send monthly payments through Skrill or Wire Transfer.

So, you can expect a minimum payout of $5 for PayPal which is comparatively very low considering the eCPM rates this service is providing. You can also get paid via Skrill or Bank Wire Transfer where Bank transfer monthly payment limit is $1000 which again according to me is low because not everyone have access to withdraw so much amount in one time through wire transfer.

But the high side here is referral commission upto 30% for life where there is no minimum limit of referral commission.

For Advertisers: What U Get

You can directly contact an advertiser through their official website and tell them how much you want to advertise your product. They will give you a price quote for that kind of advertisement which is very detailed and clear as per publisher requirements; start from start date, end date, eCPM rates etc. So, this way you can get best rate possible as compared to other ad networks like Google or any social media website who charge advertisers on PPC (Pay Per Click) basis.

Another good thing about Vivads as an advertiser is that; they also provide free analytics tools which saves your time and money too because if we calculate the cost of Google Analytics in yearly basis it will definitely take much more than what you are spending on Vivads (if you can spend $5 per month).

Now, just think for a moment that how much time and money publisher saves with their free analytics tools.

As an advertiser, if your ad goes completely unseen then you will not be charged instead they will take away the amount that was deducted from your account to show ads for that particular publisher website because they offers 100% fill rate i.e. all ads slots available for any publisher are filled with advertisers' ads so there is no chance of showing 0% visible ads to viewers.


For Publishers & Advertisers: How U Get Paid

As I said above that this is not just a simple ad network, it's actually an advertisement service who provides best possible revenue to its users. It provides two separate payment options for publisher and advertisers which are explained below in detail.

Payment Options for Publishers:

There are many ways you can get paid by Vivads as a publisher but to keep things simple I will tell you about 3 most popular methods that are used to send payments. Those methods are PayPal, Skrill, Wire Transfer where all three have different conditions where one method of payment is suitable for one user while other method is more preferable from another user's point of view. Below I am going to explain those points in detail.

PayPal: Minimum $5 Payout, Low Transfer Fees

It's the most popular and known payment method which you can use for small payments in daily life. You can send or receive money easily online with this service provided by PayPal Inc. So why not to use it for your high paying advertisement network? But there are certain limitations too when you want to withdraw through PayPal so keep reading... As I already said before that Vivads pays a minimum of $5 per monthly payment cycle but what if you want to make a withdrawal below than of $5 due to some valid reasons like an eCPM rate is very low or any other reason? In that case, you will have to pay a transfer fee from your bank account where you want to transfer the money.

Skrill: No Minimum Payout, Low Transfer Fee

It's an easy way to send and receive money where the best thing is there is no minimum payout limit which means you can withdraw your earnings any time of monthly payment cycle. You can use Skrill for all your online purchases where it gives a virtual master card number that works just like a real credit card but without paying extra fees on transactions. Its fee varies from 0%-0.8% + £/€ 0.35 per transaction which is not bad according to me because PayPal charges much more for similar type of service. But yes, there are some countries Skrill doesn't work if their country's laws prohibits the usage of this eWallet service.

Wire Transfer: Minimum $50 Payout, Low Transfer Fee

I think this wire transfer method will be suitable for the users who want to withdraw a considerable amount of money because in that case PayPal or Skrill can't be used due to some reasons. So, if you are earning good money with Vivads then I think you should go with it. But yes, there are some countries where Wire Transfer is not possible so before attempting to make an payout check your country's laws regarding Wire Transfer otherwise bank will reject your request completely which won't happen when using PayPal or Skrill eWallet services because banks don't have any problem working with them and they know about their service nature and benefits too.

Beside these three