What is tinu.be? #matchurl.com

What is tinu.be? #matchurl.com


tinu.be is a free url shortener and QR Code generator . It has all main features totally free without any restriction.

tinu.be is open source, so anyone can contribute to its development by reporting bugs , discussing enhancements or submitting pull requests from the open source repositories on GitHub at https://github.com/tinuperla/tinu . Please be aware that if you have any problems using tinu.be services, you may not get help from developers at this address : contact@tinuperla.com

What are urls?

URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) are used to identify objects such as web pages or files in computer networks such as the Internet . Each URL begins with a protocol name followed by a colon (":") and then a string that is the address of the object. For example, http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL

The most commonly used protocol in URLs is HTTP , normally followed by a hostname to identify the server from which data is requested .

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes (abbreviated from Quick Response Code ) are two-dimensional machine-readable codes consisting of alternating black and white square modules arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by dedicated scanning device s or smartphone cameras . The code consists of black modules arranged within an square border that may also be white depending on the version used . In 2010, QRCode was registered as trademark by DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED .

What are QR Codes for?

QR Code s can be used to encode text , urls, telephone number es, contact information s, etc. The only real purpose is to transfer data between mobile phone cameras and screen based devices or another type of device that supports the QR Code .

How do I create a QR Code with tinu.be?

Creating a QR code couldn't be easier ! Just go to the main page by clicking the link button below this text , then click on "Create New Tinu" below your profile image just above this article's title , you will see four different kinds of codes plus some usage tips if needed :

1- Stands for url (for example : tinu.be ), QR Codes can be used as url redirectors as well as for sharing links on social media such as Facebook or Twitter , this type of code contains 2-3 times less data than any other types .

2- Stands for SMS , it's basically the same thing as "1-" except that instead of being a url, it will be sent to 5 numbers by sms .

3- Stands for vCard , which is basically an electronic business card , it holds contact information about you or your company in a structured way that can be easily added to your contacts .

4- Stands for email address , it's exactly the same thing as "1 but will send an email with your link to whomever you want .

If you need any kind of other QR Code, head over to the docs by clicking the "?" button above , or visit tinuperla.github.io/tinu-api for more information on our API !

You can also use our generator to create codes with your profile image and name instead of an url if you prefer so!

How do I create a url shortener with tinu.be?

Creating a free url shortener is simple as pie . Go to the main page by clicking here or click on "Create New Tinu" below your profile picture just like when creating a QR code , then choose the kind of shorten service that suits your need best : customize urls, simple urls, generate urls .

I want to create a custom url (for example : mylink.co.vu ), simple means I only need three letters maximum (for example : link) or generate urls , which stands for randomizes the generated code , it's good for creating your very own url shortener .

If you need any other kind of service, head over to docs by clicking "?" next to the "create new tinu" button , or visit tinuperla.github.io/tinu-api for more information on our API !