What is UrlHum? #matchurl.com

What is UrlHum? #matchurl.com


Nowadays, it's not a surprise to see that many websites are using third party services for various reasons. These services are usually embedded into the site itself, providing information about their behavior and users' preferences. However, they can also be used for advertising or tracking visitors in order to sell data or create behavioral profiles.

The good thing is that UrlHum is here to change the way things work by actually making this process anonymized . By doing so, it will provide useful analytics data without ruining users experience and keeping their Privacy safe.

What does UrlHum do?

  It performs automatic core functionality core functionality of web mapping software like Google Maps , Yahoo! Maps , OpenLayers , etc via open source scripts.

How UrlHum works?

  Urlhum runs on user's computer and analyzes the data, then it is sent back anonymized to our servers.

What can I do as a user?

  All you have to do is install the software, and just focus on using your favorite websites as usual. There won't be any difference.

How does this affect website administrators?

  This doesn't affect them at all since there are no changes in their current system or workflow. They will only see new data coming from a different source which will help them identify popular trends about their site or content.

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