What makes a great URL shortener # matchurl.com

What makes a great URL shortener # matchurl.com


There are a lot of URL shorteners out there. Most are free to use, some have additional premium features that cost money, and nearly all rely on analytics to track clicks.

The ideal URL shortener takes into account ease of use for the end user, convenience for the person sharing the shortened link, stable code in case something ever goes wrong in the future with your linking strategy, and analytics so you can actually see what's going on with your shortened links. 

What makes a great URL shortener? That depends on who you ask...

... but it's important to choose one which fits within your larger marketing strategy rather than just opting for whatever seems convenient at the time. When choosing a URL shortener, always keep security in mind. Here are 5 of the most important factors to think about when picking a URL shortener.

#1 Security


Your shortened links are not secure, unless they come from the Google/Bing/Twitter shorten service. All others should be considered compromised and untrustworthy.

Although some people believe that shorter URLs are more prone to security issues, nearly all successful attacks on long URLs rely on convincing users to visit them directly. Attacks using shortened URLs have failed because these URLs are less likely to be clicked in the first place.

Using link tracking services on your own shortened links can help you find out which ones were part of an attack by seeing how many times they were viewed before being clicked on. It also allows you to see which links were ignored and should be removed from your marketing strategy.

#2 Link Tracking


The most important part of choosing a URL shortener is to make sure you can track the number of clicks on each link. You cannot determine whether or not your shortened links are working if you cannot track how many people click on them.

Many free options for creating shortened URLs allow you to track the number of clicks they receive, as well as where those clicks come from geographically, which can help marketers decide where their audience lives and better target them in the future. Other premium services that offer more advanced tracking features like conversion tracking and trend analysis often come with a higher price tag but may be worth it for large businesses looking to save money by making their marketing strategy more efficient through analytics.

#3 Ease of Use


Although your marketing team may be excited to get started using URL shorteners, if they're too complicated for the average user they won't be helpful in spreading brand awareness.

A great URL shortener is one that every member of your company can easily use without requiring training. Think about how often you'll need to share shortened links on an internal or customer-facing website or via social media, email newsletters, PR pitches, and print ads... how many different types of files will people want to upload? How many times are they likely to click the link before needing to share it again? The easier it is for everyone in your company to create and share shortened links, the more likely they'll be to do it.

#4 Flexibility & Control


The best URL shortener is one that doesn't limit you to a specific file type or file size.

By choosing an option which lets you use whatever kind of files you want, you can make sure your shortened links work with whichever marketing materials your company is currently using. For example, let's say your social media team wants to include screenshots of customer feedback in their posts; you don't want to make them upload those images twice (to Twitter and Facebook) because each service has different image requirements. With the right link shortener, everyone at your company will always have access to the same easy-to-share links no matter what kind of content they're including within them.

#5 CTA


The goal for any URL shortener is to create a link that entices people to click on it and then take the action you want them to take, whether that's visiting your website or installing an app.

In order to be effective, a shortened link must clearly communicate what will happen after someone clicks on it. If the name of the company seems unfamiliar or vague at first glance, a user might not realize what site or product they'll be directed to. You can also use your brand colors and logo in the text portion of your shortened links so people know who sent them there right away.

This lets users easily identify which website is being linked to without having to hover over the link, so they'll be more likely to click it.

#6 Analytics Dashboard


URL shorteners are immensely helpful in marketing because you can track exactly what's happening with your shortened links.

When using a premium service, most providers will give you access to an analytics dashboard where you can follow how many clicks each of your links receives and generate reports that show where those clicks come from geographically. This information is invaluable when determining whether or not your messaging resonates with different audiences around the world and deciding where to allocate more resources moving forward. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/278179

Click here for more! source: Entrepreneur - How To Determine Whether A URL Shortener Is Right For Your Business

#7 Price


Premium services for URL shorteners typically cost more than free options, but they also offer a wider range of features that can be helpful to your marketing team.

The amount you'll pay for a shortened link will depend on the number of links you want to create and how many users on your team will need access to them. Features like custom branded landing pages, premium analytics dashboards, the ability to attach files from third-party storage sites like Dropbox or Google Drive, advanced sharing tools for social media platforms, and dedicated customer support are generally only offered by paid providers -- so if those types of features are important to your business, it's worth considering which of them you'll use most often and potentially paying a little more.

source: Entrepreneur - How To Determine Whether A URL Shortener Is Right For Your Business

Click here for more! source: Entrepreneur - How To Determine Whether A URL Shortener Is Right For Your Business

#8 Third-party storage support

A few popular link shorteners let you upload files straight from your Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box account to their service without having to go through another program on your computer first. This allows you to quickly resize photos (for print ads), record audio (in podcast interviews), or snag screenshots (for social media posts) right before sending out