Why y2u.be? #matchurl

Why y2u.be? #matchurl


Y2u.be is a free service offered to web-users who are looking for an easy way to shorten their long YouTube video links. Y2u.be makes sharing your favorite videos on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ much more comfortable since the otherwise tedious URL addresses will be replaced by short links that can fit into one line of text or just take up less space in the respective form fields. Furthermore, it has an advantage over many other similar services because you can access your custom shortened links directly from any browser without having to run them through another website first (like bitly etc.).

     Linking existing articles with specific movies, tutorials or any kind of helpful material becomes so much easier now with y2u.be. Since your links will no longer be super long and their destination won't change, you can just place them in a certain order on your page without spending any more time thinking about which of the two possible YouTube addresses would work best.

     In addition to that, special tutorials or how-tos related to specific videos can easily be found if they are tagged accordingly. This works even better if all featured links have been shortened with y2u.be since everyone looking for help on a chosen topic will automatically find links from one central source. This way new viewers who stumbled upon a special video through a website article will not only get some extra information but also something to watch while waiting for an answer on their own troubleshooting efforts.


This is a bot that tells short storiesArticle background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: y2u.be is only for YouTube movie URL , cannot shorten other URLs. The link by y2u.be redirects to YouTube, so you can clarify that shortening URL link is not any advertising or illegal link.

        y2u.be is pretty simple to use, simply type in the link you want to shorten into their form field and click "Create Short URL". Once it has been shortened you can access your new short URL by clicking on the "Dashboard" button located under the yellow highlighted text . It will take you to a page where your new and extended link can be found at the top.

        You can save up to 100 of these custom links in a list that will help you keep track of which shortened URLs still need to be used and which ones are ready for sharing on one of your collegues' Facebook walls. This way after uploading their new YouTube video you can send only those who have been on your friend's list a loving message to tell them what they're missing.

        In order for this little helper bot to work, you will first have to install a small script in your browser by clicking on "Install User Script" right below the big yellow button. Since this is not an actual script, but only a bookmarklet that helps you take advantage of its functions, it won't do any harm to your computer by installing it.

        Once you click on the above button you will be sent to the google developers website where you can find all different kinds of scripts that are ready to install in Chrome or Firefox. Make sure to install the correct one depending on which browser you're currently using and then return to y2u.be. You will find a green indicator bar at the top of your screen that tells you how many scripts have been successfully installed in your browser.

        If everything goes as planned, y2u.be will present you with a list of different features you can take advantage of in order to help promote your new and old videos alike.

        Now that we have told you how to use y2u.be on your own, we will shortly show you some practical examples on where this script would come in handy and how it can be used as a sharing tool for any kind of material.

        You can immediately see that y2u.be has a lot of potential and that it has the power to create a sharing tool for your website or blog, not just a shortener bot for your YouTube links. If you're looking for a specific video on Google you might come across an article where one of its links has already been shortened with y2u.be, allowing you to find more about the topic without spending any more time thinking about which of the two possible YouTube addresses would work best.

        This is not just how it works for videos hosted on Google, but also for other kind of conventional media files. If there are people out there who liked your article and would like to know more about you as a writer, linking them to an extended version of your short URL is always better than giving them a link that might bring them into the wrong kind of website. As we already mentioned, these links do not only work for Google videos but also for Vimeo and DailyMotion media files and even for PDF files.

        No matter what kind of information you have found on the internet, you can use y2u.be to find those who are interested in being linked to it and those you would like to share your newly gained knowledge with as well as making sure that your link is not leading anyone anywhere but straight back to y2u.be .

        Another thing we want to show you is how easy it is to use y2u.be as a short URL redirector if your website or blog has been hacked and the only way to get back into your admin panel would be through a direct link leading you directly there and nothing else . If hackers have already stolen your domain, then there is nothing you can do to retrieve that lost information. What you can do now, however, is use one of y2u.be 's many unique features and scrape any relevant data before changing your domain back to its original condition.

        Although this might not be the most popular way of using y2u.be, it definitely is a strong case for why you should keep this little bot in your browser at all times. It might not be as easy to use as the most popular URL shorteners such as bit.ly or goo.gl , but its possible usages and possibilities are endless and that is what counts when trying to create a sustainable tool for the people.

        Although you can use y2u.be as an alternative to any other shortener bot, it might not be the best choice if you want to shorten URLs that are very complicated and long to remember . If you're looking for a smaller URL that will only take someone to your YouTube channel then this will be the right option for you. Otherwise, there are other bots out there that can provide you with a lot more possibilities in terms of shortening URLs and making them look pretty.

        We hope that after reading this article y2u.be will have become your new favorite bot if it wasn't already one of your favorites . It might not be as popular as some of the other bots out there , but it has a lot more to offer than all those other services combined.

        We would like to thank you for taking your time and reading this article all the way through, we hope that now y2u.be will be an even better tool with the help from our little insights and we would like to invite you to share this article with everyone you know .