You can include shortened URLs in your social posts # matchurl

You can include shortened URLs in your social posts # matchurl


You can include shortened URLs in your social posts.

Here are some popular link shorteners:


You can use bitly to shorten long URLs with up to 23 characters, or you can use its own custom domain name.  To shorten a URL using bitly, visit the site and paste the URL into the field at the top of the page, then press Enter on your keyboard to generate a new shortened URL.  The new link will show up in same field next to your original URL.  From there, you can copy the new URL in its entirety if you need to include it in a post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or elsewhere.


Alternatively, use link shorteners like (25 characters) and TinyURL (27 characters) to shorten URLs with fewer than 28 characters; this will allow you to fit at least one hashtag in your tweet without sacrificing much space for the link.

You can learn more about social media marketing here: ##

Notes:   ✅ Add relevant background information that supports your article; don't just copy what you read verbatim ✅ For impact, be sure to first include your article title and byline ✅ If you need to limit the number of words in an article, use a link shortener like bitly to save characters ✅ When writing titles and headings, try using Google's headline analyzer ( of which will help identify wordy titles and suggest improvements to boost click-through rate (CTR) and search engine performance (SERP). 

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11/28/2018 12:21:36 AM - Google's headline analyzer says... This title is too long! It has 75 characters (420 max allowed). Try shortening it or use a custom domain name. 11/27/2018 1:22:44 PM - How To Get The Most Out Of Your LinkedIn Profile Headline With a Little Character Count Magic Trick says... Reply Delete _____________________________________________ I love the idea of this article and how it gives a simple solution to keeping hashtags in postings with character limits! The only criticism I have is that the article is still long. I got lost in all of the explanations and examples about what a headline analyzer is, why you need one, how to use it, etc. I would focus more on Twitter character limits and just summarize the rest with bullet points. It would be easier to follow even if it were slightly shorter! Reply Delete

Hello Lise! Thank you for your feedback - I agree that this might have been my longest article yet! Because Google's Headline Analyzer (GHSA) was new to me when I wrote this, I shared about half of what GHSA had to say about each title option, which got really lengthy... So thank you for pointing out how many words there are - definitely something I will consider for future articles! I'm open to your suggestions, too - what would you like to read about next? Reply Delete

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I enjoyed your article. Very informative and helpful tips in using social media platforms wisely in terms of character limits. As an ecommerce business owner, maximizing our brand visibility is very important considering the amount of monthly expenses we have in online marketing especially in Google Adwords. Knowing these character limits could mean saving money when utilizing keywords in our ads. Thanks again for a